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Straw Man

Straw Man

For the sake of continuity and the fact that I did say the pandemic existed in this universe, this story is set the year before this.

Summer has been in a relationship with Bishop and Melinda for several years.  This story comes after “Graduation… or not” on Patreon (opened for all to read); this is where they were first introduced as a trio. 

This was prompted in my Bisexual Visibility Day prompt call.


“Just one party?” Summer coaxed.  “I know you’re both busy, I know everything is a little nuts, but one party?”  

Her partners shared a glance.  Melinda looked over at the pile of books on the coffee table.  Bishop glanced over at his laptop.  They looked back at Summer, raised eyebrows at her, and then, as one, sighed.

“Matched costumes?” Bishop started. 

“-and not the frat parties?” Melinda added. 

“Oh, yeah.  I have some ideas, but you had a couple great ones last year, Bish, and I thought maybe we could try one of those?  I’m taking advanced costuming this semester…”  Summer’s smile was infectious, but the slight uncertainty was heartbreaking. 

Bishop wrapped her in a hug seconds before Melinda did, both of them kissing the top of her head.  “Sum,” he whispered.  “Sum, I promise.  It’s Halloween.  You never have to beg us to go.  No matter how busy I am-“

“-no matter what we’re doing,” Melinda  put in.  “We’ll always be with you for the holidays.  Always.”

“-but I am not being the Scarecrow ever again,” Bishop joked.  “That straw itched.”


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A Matter of State

Malina & Matters of State

This comes after the current story as of today in Malina & the Border Banners, assume it’s a side story.

This was prompted in my Bisexual Visibility Day prompt call.


“There are things you will need to consider as the Queen of this place.”

The sand-cat paced on the desk, lecturing the girl, who had been named Malina Serafina Anastazja Dominika Naveed Jeleń nic Cecília O Alexandre, but who we will call Malina for the purposes of this story. “There are many things about which you will need to learn,” the cat continued. 

“The borders.”  Malina nodded slowly.  “Yes.  And war.  And the magic, right? I don’t know anything about the magic yet.  And – and the – how these worlds are connected and -“

She felt like she was just beginning her studies again, like everything was strange and nothing made sense and she was running just to try to keep up. 

“No, important things.”  The cat huffed.  “Well, other important things.”

“Other important things?  Cat, if I have to worry about one more thing, I might just walk back into the desert and hug a cactus.”

“Not a cactus.”  The cat jumped up onto her shoulder in one leap.  “Not a cactus, no.  You will be Ruler here.  You will need a Consort.  Or several.  You will need a lineage, and you will need to share the weight of the crown and the scepter and all they mean.”

“Consorts. Consorts.  You want me to think about consorts?”

“I don’t want you to think about them in the specific yet, no.  I want you to consider, for a moment – let us call it as a break between everything else that you are worried about – things that you would be interested in, things that a consort ought to show.  For instance, a smooth, shiny coat of fur, an upright tail, ears that aren’t too bitten by fights, a good run-“

Malina laughed.  “I think the ears are the least – well, all right, I have seen a few people who’ve lost a little bit of ear in a fight, people who stand on two legs like me, that is.  So you want me to write down what I think Royal Consorts ought to be like.”  She paused, halfway to picking up her pen.  “You said more than one.  One ought to be able to help me with an heir, of course – but do they all need to be male?”

“I can’t see why.”  The cat sat down on the desk and stared at her.  “I can’t see any reason why you can’t think about everything that would please you.  You are – or will be – queen, after all.”


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Bisexual Visibility!

Bisexual Visibility Day (over the bi flag)

In honor of Bisexual Visibility Day – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celebrate_Bisexuality_Day – for the next week, I’m opening up for prompts on any of my extant characters (or any bisexual concept character in any world of mine) – any character who is either canonically bisexual or who is not canonically monosexual or asexual.

(I’ll take prompts on bi-romantic ace characters as well).


Prompt Away!

For every person who prompts, I’ll write… say, at least 100 words, up to what suits my fancy, to at least one prompt (you can leave as many as 15 prompts) over the next two weeks.


(and if it weren’t already well-known and obvious, I, too, am bisexual.)

Bisexual Awareness: bi characters

Yesterday was Bisexual Visibility day! (hi, I’m bi)

In honor of that, for the rest of this week, if you leave a prompt on any one of my three open calls (help I’m a bit overboard) that relates to bisexuality/pansexuality or to a bi character of mine, I will give it Top Priority and try to post it before Monday (results may vary; there’s a wedding I’m in on Sunday).

The Calls:
Demifiction for the Circled Plain
Ladies’ Bingo

Bisexual/Pansexual* Characters include… um.

Not all of them, but there’s a tolerably good chance.

Looking at my “Character” tag list… characters I KNOW have sexual attraction to 2 or more genders (numbers in brackets come from DW and are just the # of stories tagged w/ that character) –
aleron [1]
ambrus [3]
ardell [1]
aviv [1]
ayuda [1] (probably)
basil [1]
brydan [2]
cole [5]
delaney [1]
dj [3]
efrosin [1]
eluned [1]
griselda [1]
hemlock [1]
hunter-hale [3] (no canon to back this up yet)
indigo [1]
ivette [3]
jamian [2]
joff [3]
magnolia [1]
maureen [2]
miryam [4]
phillipa [5] (maaybe?)
reese [1]
silas [1]
speed [6]
summer [8]
ty [1]
xaviera [1]
yoshi [3]

(around H is when I stopped looking things up and just selected the ones I knew offhand were bi/pan/poly, so this is not nearly a complete list. Ask if you want to know!)

* I am so not getting into the distinction between pan and bi. That can happen in someone else’s journal.

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