Classrooms of Doomsday, a continuation of Addergoole

This comes after Whilst at Doomsday.

Nehara was fascinating – her story was fascinating. Luke cleared his throat. “I’d love to hear more about The Res, miss – but I’m here right now for a tour of Doomsday.” Business, that’s what he needed to focus on. All business.

And her smile suggested that, wise beyond her age, she knew exactly what he was doing. “Of course. Why don’t we start with Professor Agislaw’s class? It’s right here, and he knows we’re coming.” She gestured across the street from the Dining-Hall-church.

The building didn’t look that much more like a school than the Dining Hall did – indeed, the three story brick building looked like an old Victorian house or, perhaps, one of the apartment buildings Luka had walked past on his way here. Only the stained glass windows on the first floor – showing bright scenes of education – gave it away.

They followed three pre-teenaged-children – all three in the black-grey-and-white school uniform – through the wide front foyer, past a comfortable-looking sitting room where a few older students were sitting and into the first obviously-school-looking room Luke had yet seen.

Nestled between what he was pretty sure was a kitchen and that living room, the classroom was exactly that – smaller than the norm, perhaps, housing only ten student desks, but it had chalkboards at the front and maps on the side wall.

And, standing behind the teacher’s desk, dressed in more expensive tailoring than was available in the world anymore, was Kheper, former student of Addergoole.

Luke cleared his throat. Well, she’d said she was staffing the school. He shouldn’t have been surprised. And yet, somehow, he was.

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