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#3WW / Dungeon Call – Check-In

“Hey! Hey! Hands off!” The man couldn’t do much except yell, but he was doing a lot of that. His hands were bound over his head, his feet shackled to the platform, and three metal belts held him solidly down. There was, however, no belt over his mouth. Anna had a feeling someone up in management liked to listen to them. “I said hands off!

“Mmm. No need to be defensive.” Anna watched the way the blue glow off her hands highlighted the man’s privates – not that there was anything private, splayed as he is. “You’re nice. Healthy. That’s good.”

He wouldn’t have made it this far if he wasn’t, but Anna did what she was paid to do. And he did…. well, he’d do what he’d been grabbed to do. “Mm. And you’re fertile.”

“Fertile?! What?” He fought against the straps now, his whole body arching against Anna’s hand. “What the hell? What are you people?”

“Oh, you know how it can be.” Anna patted his hip. “Men can be so needy, so high-maintenance. Sometimes women just want the seed. Sometimes they just want-” She gestured towards his un-private privates. “And here… here we provide that. Now settle down. You can’t get out of the straps anyway.”

This was written to Three Word Wednesday (yesterday): Needy, Defensive, Fertile.

Probably because of My open prompt call, the words just… ah, made this story. *cough*.


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A treatise on sexual aggression and dominance as a trait in newly acquired American slaves…

…and how to bring them to heel, or how I learned to stop worrying and love their resistance.”(34)

An excerpt

…I had owned Robert for five days at this point. He had, just to remind you:
* Broken a window and bent a safety grate
* Burnt down the tool shed in the back
* Beaten up three other slaves
* Broken my nose (accidentally)

He had also withstood:
* isolation
* limited meals
* scorn and verbal shaming
* physical punishment, including the belt
* and more isolation.

We were now at the point where I was ready to do just about anything, just to make him listen. I found myself staring at him – chained in my wine cellar, panting, with his face and his feet bloody, the former from the police he had fought and the latter in my last attempt to make him listen. And it clicked.

“All right.” I pulled up a chair – a barrel, to be specific – and sat down. “Clearly, this is not working.”

“No shit, Sherlock.”

“Why are you being so difficult?” I admit, I probably sounded a bit petulant.

“I don’t want to be here.” He yanked against the chains. “I don’t want to be your little pet.” Another yank, digging the metal into his already-bleeding wrists. “And I don’t know what the hell you want from me.”

I have mentioned I’d never owned an American slave before. It was a bit of a revelation. “They didn’t explain it to you, in the market?”

“They told me to sit down and shut up. If all you wanted was ‘sit down and shut up,’ we probably wouldn’t be sitting in this dungeon.”

“It’s a wine cellar.” I waved my hand. “All right.” I made a decision, sitting there in that cellar. It wasn’t normal; it wasn’t in any of the advice books about keeping slaves. But slaves are, after all, people. And I was going to have to work with the person I had. “I’ll make you a deal.”

Written to [personal profile] kc_obrien‘s Prompt, also the title of this piece.

If you want more, oh, there’s got to be a lot more.

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Wordcount Jan-September

I was looking at my chart!
These are just raw numbers, words written each month & running total (2014):
Jan – 48,724
Feb – 37,665 – 86,389
Mar – 35,630 – 122,019
Apr – 40,584 – 162,603
May – 24,651 – 187,254
Jun – 29,451 – 216,705
Jul – 42,970 – 259,675
Aug – 33,408 – 293,083
Sep – 18,513 – 311,596

To date in October: 22,314


Month Wordcount Running
January 38,615
February 28,822 67,437
March 58,837 126,274
April 37,323 163,597
May 47,941 211,538
June 57,215 268,753
July 44,447 313,200
August 25,426 338,626
September 30,178 368,804
October 41,476 410,280
November 89,730 500,010
December 29,491 529,501

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Thimbleful Thursday: A Piece of Cake

“Okay, so, first we need to break into the Library…” Asha ticked it off on an invisible white board.

“Piece of cake.” Tonya didn’t even look up from burnishing her nails.

“Then we need to break into the Rare Books Vault…”


“And then we need to break the spell on the book, which will include casting a ritual circle in less than a three-foot-wide space, and not setting off either the spell-based alarms or the motion detectors while doing so.”

“What, all of that while balancing on our heads? Come on, give us a challenge. Piece of cake.” Tonya grinned over her well-filed nails at Asha.

“…and, once we have the book in our hands, we need to get out of the Rare Books Vault, get out of the Library, get off campus and back to the apartment, and then we’ll need another ritual circle, which, at least we have, to get the information properly out of the the book. And then put it all back – though that’s the easy part.”

Tonya’s grin grew bigger. “I’m telling you, Asha. It’s a piece of cake.”

“And what do we get out of it?”

Her roommate gestured broadly. “The world’s best piece. Of. Cake.”

To Today’s Thimbleful Prompt, “Piece of Cake,” 204 words

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Romance Novel Readers: I have a question

I am beginning to notice a trend, in the few books I have read where there is a woman In Charge, On Top – where that’s the whole concept of the novel – where she decides like 3/4 of the way through the story that she wants to be on bottom, or he decides he wants her to submit and she goes along. And all of a sudden she’s all submissive and … I signed on to read an Fdomme story.

Is this common, or just the stuff I’ve read?

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