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Learning the Arrangement

Valeta’s nails were sharp on Ivor’s shoulders, and her breath was warm in his ear. “You want to be a good boy for me, don’t you?”

Ivor swallowed a protest. Good boy sounded so kidlike, so condescending.

He didn’t have to say anything. She chuckled anyway, her laugh stinging in his ear. “The options-” She pricked the side of his neck with those sharp, sharp nails – “are to be a good boy or a bad boy. You may answer me.”

Ivor’s mouth was dry. He licked his lips. “I don’t want – don’t want you to think I’m a bad boy.”

“It’s a start.” Her nails raked down his back, leaving sharp stinging behind. Ivor gasped, which only served to make Valeta laugh. “You’ll learn,” she assured him. “You’ll learn why you want to be my good boy.”

He’d signed the contract. Ivor straightened his back and nodded, short and sweet. He’d wanted to learn.

Written to Sky’s commissioned continuation of An Unusual Arrangement.

If you’d like to see more of this story, there is definitely more to be written! Just drop a tip in the the tip handcuffs:

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Prince Rodegard Visits the Imperial Capital, a story for the Dungeon & Cave Call

Written to [personal profile] lilfluff‘s prompt.

“I’ve always wanted to see the Imperial Capital.” Prince Rodegard bounced in his seat, ignoring the armed guards surrounding him and acting not nearly the age Edora had been assured he was. “Is it as shining and bright and tall as everyone says it is?”

He was a hostage, technically. The entire railway car was filled with people devoted to getting him – and, by proxy, Edora – back to the Imperial Capital, where he would remain as assurance of his royal mother’s good behavior. But the young prince had volunteered, and, from the looks of things, hardly understood the situation he was in.

Well, it was Edora’s job to instruct him, as well as to protect, guide, and direct him. “Well, as with anything, your Royal Highness,” she replied, in the language of the Capital and of her childhood, “there are many facets to the Capital, and some of them shine more than others.”

The Prince blinked at her. “What was that?”

“The language spoken in the Imperial Palace. It is called Eskembion by those who speak it, your Royal Highness.”

“I thought the whole Empire spoke Cetechlain! It’s the language of trade, isn’t it? It’s the universal language!” The boy looked panicked.

Edora smiled. “The Empire is large, young princeling. And it was once many small kingdoms, with many small cultures.”

The boy – the Prince – leaned forward. “That was a different language.”

“Very good. That was Telirienan, spoken in the far South and in parts of the East-“

“-where the Imperial Consort came from.” Rodegard nodded slowly. “How many languages do you speak, Dame Edora?”

Time to explain her actual title to him later; he likely thought he was being polite. “Seven fluently, five more functionally, and I can swear in three more. By the time I am done with you, your Royal Highness, you will know at least three of those.”

“Done with…” He was turning a bit grey. Good. Edora smiled.

“I have six months to prepare you for Her Imperial Highness. We’re going to have to do a lot of work.”

Edora Begins to Explain Life to Prince Rodegard

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First three answers to p*rn m*me

“I… Oh… My.” Regine let her head loll on the pillow and shut her eyes. “This is not at all what… oh!… what I meant when I suggested we discuss your behaviour.”

“I know.” Between the Director’s legs, Ivette paused in her work just long enough to purr. “But this is what I meant. I’m a succubus, after all.”

“…Quite true.” Regine grabbed the pillow and tried, unsuccessfully to stifle a moan. “Quite the… oh… specimen, too.”


“Do you think maybe is we put this tube here…” Kailani frowned over the machine. “It’s quite an invention, but I’m not sure if it will work.”

“Well.” Tairikie found a wild grin on her face, the same one that she’d felt when she climbed the mountain. “I can think of one way to try it out.”

“One way to…” The redhead – what a wild color, speaking of wild! – took a moment, but then she began to grin. “I suppose the way to test sexual aether would be this way, wouldn’t it?” She slipped out of her shirt.

Redheads, Tairikie was fascinated to learn, had pink nipples.


“Kneel.” Aviv studied his new Kept – slender, fae-looking, dark-haired, and not his normal type. Male, for one. Addergoole was all about the not-normal, though. He unzipped his fly. “The first thing you’ll have to learn is to serve without argument. Addergoole will -” He fell silent as his Kept’s mouth wrapped around his cock. “You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

Dark eyes rolled up to look at him, and a noise in the back of the boy’s throat trilled against Aviv’s cock. Aviv groaned. Questions later. He tangled his hand in the boy’s hair and let him do what he so clearly wanted to do.

Meme here –

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Well, I wanted to practice writing p*rn… (mem)

Comment with a pairing (etc)* and I’ll write you at least three sentences of porn for them.

* of my characters, preferably.**
** It doesn’t have to be a believable pairing.

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