Scrum Tuesday Morning

Work has been doing a scrum-style meeting every morning ( for admin, so I thought I’d do something similar for me.

So, yesterday, I:
* Worked for 8 hours!
* wrote 1775 words, including a Giraffe Call prompt, a Genderfunky prompt, and parts of two Giraffe Commissions.
* made this:


(which is a number chart for tracking food and exercising)
* hung my mirror in my bedroom (finally)
* hung my bulletin board in my cave to have a place to put the above velociraptor count
* with T, hauled and stacked one wagonload of wood into the house
* took a ~ 25-minute walk with T


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    • *grin* I’m kinda impressed and it was me doing it. Oh, *And* I logged all my food & made sure to put a whole 2-1/2 c of veggies in our dinner.

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