A Week In Alder

The Highlights

Just So You Know

Dungeon Call Notes
October Theme Chosen

Edally Academy Chapter Thirteen
Jumping Rings: A Story of the Circled Plain Chapter Eight: Valran

Other People
K Orion Fray’s prompt call
Clare_Dragonfly’s Patreon

In My Life
Adventures in Cooking: pancetta, porchetta
♪♪ These are a few of my favorite things…♫ ♫

Tuesday Morning
Wednesday Morning

Giraffe Stories
Natural Prey Eamon and Addergoole
The Rescue? Continues? after A Rescue, of Sorts
Other Duties as Needed
Putting Down the Burden
Bring to the Table

Ladies’ Bingo Story
Evening in the Sunset, a story of Stranded World

Genderfunky Stories
Planet Rules
The Hazards of Magic (Aunt Family)

Clockwork Apoc Test Ficlet
Deep Deep Down in Kitty Town (for More, Please)

A Proof, of Sorts for ThimbleFul Thursday

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