#3WW / Dungeon Call – Check-In

“Hey! Hey! Hands off!” The man couldn’t do much except yell, but he was doing a lot of that. His hands were bound over his head, his feet shackled to the platform, and three metal belts held him solidly down. There was, however, no belt over his mouth. Anna had a feeling someone up in management liked to listen to them. “I said hands off!

“Mmm. No need to be defensive.” Anna watched the way the blue glow off her hands highlighted the man’s privates – not that there was anything private, splayed as he is. “You’re nice. Healthy. That’s good.”

He wouldn’t have made it this far if he wasn’t, but Anna did what she was paid to do. And he did…. well, he’d do what he’d been grabbed to do. “Mm. And you’re fertile.”

“Fertile?! What?” He fought against the straps now, his whole body arching against Anna’s hand. “What the hell? What are you people?”

“Oh, you know how it can be.” Anna patted his hip. “Men can be so needy, so high-maintenance. Sometimes women just want the seed. Sometimes they just want-” She gestured towards his un-private privates. “And here… here we provide that. Now settle down. You can’t get out of the straps anyway.”

This was written to Three Word Wednesday (yesterday): Needy, Defensive, Fertile.

Probably because of My open prompt call, the words just… ah, made this story. *cough*.


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