Getting Into the Arrangement, a continuation for the Dungeon & Cave Call

“Now.” Miss Valeta’s hand stroked over Ivor’s butt. “I thought you wanted to be a good boy.”

Ivor made a noise around the gag. It wasn’t talking – he wasn’t allowed talking, but, then again, he couldn’t talk with this thing in his mouth, anyway. But she still landed a slap hard on his ass. “And yet you keep fighting me. Don’t you want to be good for me, Ivor?”

He wanted to say yes. He wanted to nod. He wanted to, in some way, assure her that he was really a good boy, as good as she wanted him to be, and he would do anything she wanted, if only she would let him down from this thing.

But his neck was held in a collar that was more brace than neckwear, and the rest of him was hung upside-down and backwards from something way too much like a trapeze for his comfort. And the flogger was coming again, god, not the flogger. Ivor whined.

She paused, her hand in mid-air. “Do you know what you did wrong? Answer?”

“oo?” he tried, around his gag.

“Don’t lie to me, Ivor.”


“Were you pushing your limits on purpose?” She took his face in both hands, looking him eye-to-eye, if backwards and upside down.

“…eeeh?” He really had been. He’d wanted to know.

“And did you like what you discovered?”

That was too complex for an answer around a gag. He made a noise that was mostly whine. How to answer, how to not lie, how to… the sound changed from a whine to a sob.

“Easy, easy.” Her fingers were working at the buckles on the gag immediately. “There you go. All right. You can answer, and then I’ll let you down.”

Ivor swallowed. “I like… I like, Miss Valeta, I like being pushed around. And I like knowing the limits. But, um.” He turned his head and coughed, hoping to cover the hot blush he felt trying to come to his already-flushed cheeks. “Um.”

“But you’re not sure you like this particular kind of being pushed around?”

“Um. Yes. Sorry.”

“Surely you didn’t think that you’d like everything?”

“No! No, of course not. I mean… no. That’s part of the thing, isn’t it? I don’t have to like it all, as long as I don’t hate it. And even if I do – I know it ends.”

“Exactly.” She ran her fingers through his hair. “Why didn’t you like this part, Ivor?”

Ivor gulped. “I signed up for whatever you want to do to me on the weekends.”

“You did.” Her hand went from petting to gripping. “But I want an answer.”

“I don’t like…” He tried for a shrug. “Being upside down? I didn’t like doing things I didn’t know were wrong.”

She chuckled softly. “You’re a natural sub. Tell me, are you worried that every weekend will be like this, or worried that it won’t?”

“I. Um… Neither?” He wriggled against the belts and straps holding him in mid-air. “What happens happens. When it’s done, I know if I can handle it or not.”

“And if you can’t?” She still had his hair in one hand, but now her other hand was caressing his ass.

“Then… then I don’t do it again.” He craned to look at her. “Miss Valeta – I know this is a year contract. I signed up. I’m not going to complain unless you order me to. I’m not going to try to get out of it.”

“Even if you’re miserable?” Both of her hands went still. Ivor swallowed. “Answer me!”

“That’s what I agreed to, Miss Valeta. I don’t want to try to back out.”

She pushed air out through closed lips. “All right. I’m going to get you down from that contraption, Ivor.” She released his hair and started moving ropes and pulleys. “And then… and then you and I are going to have a talk about safe words and their importance.”

Written to Hob’s commissioned continuation of An Unusual Arrangement and Learning the Arrangement

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