Thinking about creating a new bingo community – feedback requested

Because of a variety of systemic problems I’ve had with [community profile] kink_bingo over the years, most of which I really feel are “it’s not them, it’s me,” I’ve been thinking about creating my own sexytimes and kinkytimes type of bingo community.

If you would have an interest in participating:

* What sort of prompts would you like to see? Specific prompts? Categories?
* What sort of prompts do no Definitely Not Want?

* How about achievements?

* And, as a community, are there things you’re rather see/not see?

As an example, if I create a bingo community, it will not be “fanfic with orgfic tacked on;” I’ll try to make the language & rules include both original fic & fanfic (It’s a small thing, but it frustrates me endlessly).

So what about you?

Also, what should I callll it?

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0 thoughts on “Thinking about creating a new bingo community – feedback requested

  1. My biggest hesitation with most bingo communities is that I’d like to be able to use my (original) stories commercially – reserve them for submitting to publishers or keep them for subscribers at Torn World or ask for sponsorship or whatever. But most bingo comms require that your creations be publicly available. (Likely because most of them are fanfiction-specific or at least fanfiction-heavy.) I’m not trying to suggest that it become one big sales-fest, but being able to declare a bingo with a (partial?) paywall in place would make such a project appealing to me personally. A livejournal-based community would also be better for me, or at least one that’s mirrored over here. (If it’s not an administrative nightmare.)

    • I should also add that I liked the idea of being able to pick from categories suggested over at Dreamwidth – perhaps even going so far as to make it a general bingo comm (I’d prefer that), but have plenty of kinky categories as an option for users.

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