Butch Clothing/Dressing/Tuxes/Suits links

I had reason today to spend some time googling tuxedos for female-bodied people in weddings, which ended up with looking at a lot of butch fashion sites. Some links shared here because I found the array interesting.

Butch Wonders’ list of clothing designed for butches – http://www.butchwonders.com/blog/clothes-designed-for-butches-yes-really The whole blog is nice, too.

Lesbian Weddings on Tumblr – http://lesbian-weddings.tumblr.com/ – speaks for itself

Offbeat Bride’s article on “Wedding suits for butches, transmasculine beings, and other festive gender-benders” http://offbeatbride.com/2009/07/butch-wedding-suits

The Butch Clothing Company – http://thebutchclothingcompany.co.uk/ – exactly what it says on the tin

Bindle & Keep’s women’s wear – http://www.bindleandkeep.com/women/

http://www.hertuxedo.com/ – another ‘what it says on the tin’

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