Three Weeks For Dreamwidth: Three Weeks for Worldbuilding

I missed Lexember and “February is World-building month” so this year I’m doing “Three Weeks for Worldbuilding.”

Starting yesterday, I will answer (on average) one world-building question a day for three weeks.

I have a lot of settings! Check out the Landing Page if you don’t already have a pet setting. Check out here for last year’s post.

4/25 – Something about the world of SCIENCE! beyond the laboratories.
4/26- How many psychics are there in other places in the world of Tir na Cali?
4/27- What do the Strands in Stranded World look like?

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  1. Hrm. I want to ask something about the Governors in Unicorn/Factory, but I’m not sure what to ask that wouldn’t have a giant spoiler answer. Maybe something about what communications (or … something?) with/from them look like to people like Giulian and/or Antheri? ETA: or even what “common knowledge” or assumptions about the Governors is? Are they government officials? Factory owners? Something stranger? What’s their history?

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