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Captured by the Night Witch, a continuation

First: Captive of the Night Witch

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The minions had all been chased off. The guards had been sent to guard, to lookat some place that was not here. The Night Witch had set wards, and then warded the wards.

Candor had waited, although his entire body had ached. He had held still, although the chains were digging into his skin. He had been silent, although that was less by choice than by gag.

When all that was done, the Night Witch stood in front of Candor. “You might as well stand up.” She had overcome her shock, it seemed. At least, now she sounded far more amused than concerned.

Candor found he was far more cramped than he’d planned for. He had to flex against the chains and then pull, letting the cheap metal cut into his skin, before he could manage what she’d suggested, and stood.

She looked the same as he remembered. Her outfit, blood-red robe over white kidskin, was a new affectation, but she’d always been pleased by playing dress-up. Her smile, a bitter little thing that held little warmth, that he remembered very well indeed.

He knew she was getting a similar look over him. Hard to see his smile with the gag still jammed in his mouth, but they’d brought him naked, cutting his clothes out around the chains.

He was muscle and scar, tattoos and piercings and a red mohawk of hair that fell down his back like a mane.

“Hello, darling.” The Night Witch smiled at him, the hero. “Have you come to kill me?”

Candor took a moment to stretch, letting everything settle into place. It wouldn’t hurt her to be a little nervous. She had always been so damn certain of everything. He took his time working over the buckle on the gag. That part hadn’t been his idea. Let her wait.

“You’ve racked up quite a reputation here.” He let his eyes slide over the bone-powder road, over the twisted edifice rising behind her.

“I have.” She let her hands settle loose at her sides. He recognized her combat pose, even after all these years. “It keeps trespassers away, and it lets me get stuff done without interference. You’ve racked up your own reputation, too.”

“I have.” He rolled his shoulders. “It lets me get stuff done without interference. Until some sorceress’ minions take me captive.”

“They thought I’d enjoy the present. It seems some of them buy into my propaganda a little too much – or maybe it’s just all those would-be heroes that come to try to kill me.” The fingers of her left hand twitched. “Have you come to kill me, Candor?”

He had never been very good at deception. That was her purview. “No, Guile.” He shook his head slowly. “No. There are many things I came for, but none of them were to kill you.”

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