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Brassica Planting!

Today I leveled (mostly) one of my 12″ deep raised beds, by digging a hole down to the bottom of the 2′ stake and then hammering the thing down with a mallet. Whee! HulkLyn Smash!

Then I used the backfilled hole to plant a Horseradish, because a 2′ deep hole filled with loose dirt and peat is about the nicest, deepest hole I’m gonna get for a root plant like that.

Once I’d hauled over some more compost-dirt mix and peat moss and mixed the whole thing up like a particularly giant brownie mix, I started putting in the rest of the plants, yay! (well, first I laid down ground cloth).

This is Brassica Bed One – We’re not growing many nightshades this year, to defeat the blight problem we’ve been having, so we’re overcompensating with All Dah Brassicaceae. First in is a multi-color mix of cauliflower and then a four-pack of purple cauliflower. When I go back out, a row of baby bok choy. Whee!

It helps, I suppose, that we really like EATING brassicaeae.

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