Sites that are not DW/LJ for reading fiction?

Are there sites on which you read fiction, fan or otherwise?

I know of AO3, and I’ve at least heard of although I haven’t heard anything specific about it.

I know some people post fiction on Deviantart, but I dunno how much feedback/audience that garners one.

And I used to read Potter fic on Fiction Alley, but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Are there any other fandom-specific sites?

I can and do plan to use the Google machine, but anything where someone already knows the community would be super helpful.

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6 thoughts on “Sites that are not DW/LJ for reading fiction?

  1. I’ve seen fiction and fanfic on tumblr and on medium, but neither is particularly geared for it or indexed like the fanfic-specific sites.

      • Tumblr seems to be terrible for feedback. The hysterical insurance commercial fanfic seemed to’ve originated there, though, but it was pretty short. My take on their blurb is that it’s for text posts with minimal formatting and decoration; there’s a “recommend” button and some commenting capability. I haven’t used it enough to get a sense of how they use tags and stuff (and am not signed up for an account — they at least don’t make reading difficult for non-account-holders). Mostly I see links to essays and articles there, but there’s some fiction.

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