Help fill the Roster – Addergoole year 20 (& 19,18,18)

The year is (fictionally) 2014. The world started ending in 2011. Tell me something/as much as you want/ everything about an Addergoole student beginning school this, the 20th year of Addergoole.

Existing students in year 20 are:
Adalbert (Anda/Ciro)
Alewar (Sarita/Finn)
Ankara (Aggie/Bowen)
Berry (holly/Tristan)
Chaney (
Eryk (Shiva/Ty)
Lidah (Ivette/Anwell)
Rasputin (‘Lisha/Vlad)
Selena (Oralee/Meshach)
Willow (Acacia/Carter)

This is still early enough for 1st generation characters, however!

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