Into Lannamer: the final (I hope) rewrite of a novel 10+ years in the making

The war is over. Rin wants to go home. But if she doesn’t take the recalcitrant, difficult Girey with her, he’ll either be dead, the center of a rebellion neither nation can handle right now, or both.

Girey just wants to go home, too. But chained to the back of Rin’s goat, he’s finding himself going in exactly the wrong direction.

This is going to be a long journey!

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14 thoughts on “Into Lannamer: the final (I hope) rewrite of a novel 10+ years in the making

  1. I’ve got like… three different ideas and an incredibly short amount of concentration these days, despite the time. 1) Serenity-esque origin story for a future-story where there is space operatics and an abandoned earth, but the fae/gods of legend are aliens when we weren’t developed enough to fit into their version of the prime directive, and when intergalactic war caused the sun to nova, humanity was saved. 2) Quothe-esque story about a highborn elf who became an assassin/scout but has left it behind after a tragedy, being recruited into battle. 3) Something nuclear post-apocalyptic rebuildingy that doesn’t really have any story yet other than a feeling of wanting to do something like that.

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