Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving day in America, and so I ask the indulgence of my international friends while I give thanks.

I am, as always, grateful for my husband. I’m grateful for good friends and for loving family.

I’m grateful for modern medicine, for the internet, for running water and electricity and microwaves and food processors, without which cooking today’s feast would be much more time-consuming & difficult.

I’m grateful for Terry Pratchett, may his name always be spoken, and Robert Heinlein, may he find his way home, for Jim Butcher and Elizabeth Bear, CS Lewis and Lewis Carroll and J.K. Rowling… and Tom Baker.

I’m grateful for public libraries and school libraries and Mrs. Thayer, who didn’t know what to do with me so sent me to the library. I’m grateful for Mr. Lynd, who put up with me, and every teacher and professor who made the effort.

And I am grateful for readers, for people who seem to enjoy my stories, so that I can keep telling them.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.

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