Frustrations on Weight Loss

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The problem I’m facing as I look at “I want to and physically need to lose weight, stat,” is that there is very little I find as pleasurable and/or as comforting as food, specifically, sugar and fat, so all my relaxation/comfort is based around food and/or sloth. I have no self-stress-relief (Except walking) or self-reward that doesn’t involve either curling up and doing nothing or eating or both.

And yes, Feast Day is not the best day to be thinking about it.

But I want to lose 4 lbs by Jan 1st and 10 by Mar 1, 20 by June 1st… So I need to DO something.
And I don’t know how to make myself STICK to it.

I wonder if I could use Habitaca (sp?) just for that…

Edited to add:

Things I am going to do include – Going back on weight watchers (the old system). And using a spreadsheet so I can play with numbers. I like playing with numbers.
Giving myself different goals. Goals I can measure quickly – like points in/exercise out – and then weight goals.
Going back to stepping on the scale every day. Every. Single. Day. And writing it down.
Starting Sunday.

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4 thoughts on “Frustrations on Weight Loss

  1. Oof, that’s largely why I don’t keep alcohol around, I drink for comfort. Not drink alcohol, drink. With no alcohol in the house I drink soda, water, milk, whatever. But you can’t exactly say, “Well let’s just not keep any food in the house.” I had the shock earlier this year of discovering that I’d gained around 20 lbs while I wasn’t paying attention to my weight. I suspect it’s no coincidence that my last blood chemistry numbers were horrid. Even with that I’m not finding it easy to change my eating habits. I’m using Withing’s Health Mate app and their fancy scale ($149 for a scale, but it automatically logs each weigh-in into the app as well as checking current heart rate and body fat percentage. Picked the Withings scale in part because they let you download your measurements at any time rather than locking them up in the app). I try my best to pay attention to the trendline rather than any individual measurement. I’ll try to keep cheering you on and give encouragement during the lulls in progress if you’d like (those annoying plateaus seem inescapable to matter what you try and make progress with).

  2. I’d gained around 20 lbs while I wasn’t paying attention to my weight Oh, yay, I’m not alone with that. -_- I’m trying to wrap my head around anything de-stressing related that does not involve curling up comfortably and not moving, or eating. Exercise can help, but not reliably. If something goes not-well, that’s more stress instead.

  3. Yeah, I am in a similar boat. I love food, and other than reading it is a great destressor. And reading is just sitting there….

  4. I hear you. Adding “baking” as a favorite hobby helps not at all. For what it’s worth, I find positive assertions easier to deal with than negative ones. (“Eat three servings of vegetables” rather than “No more cookies”.) Sometimes that seems sufficient, sometimes not …

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