Something like a year in review


I wrote 308,414 (or thereabouts) words in 2016.
[2014 total words: 422,180]
Of those:
39% were for $ (Patreon, submissions, commissions, freelance writing work)
47% were for Audience (blog posts, prompt calls, challenges, writing prompts, serials, “more please”)
13% were flat-out for fun (stuff that jumps out that nobody asked for & I’m not sure anyone will like)

From July-December
10% of my writing was for Patreon
8% for commissions
19% for edally
12% in novellas/novel projects
10% for something you’ll see next quarter
4% blog posts
13% submissions
25% everything else.


Fluff text for Queen’s Necklace
“Company” in No Place for Us
“Lifeblood of the City” in Bloodlines
“We Wish You a Merry Christmas” in Do You Feel What I Feel


Edally Academy: Completed The Angry Aetherist and began The Missing Treaty
Jumping Rings: on indefinite hiatus since June
Addergoole: the original series: Being moved to wordpress, slowly.
Rin & Girey: a new draft is happily underway
Language for Reiassan (Rin/Girey, Edally): Well underway.

I should do this monthly in 2016 so I can remember where I stand!

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