Planning for Spring, a ficlet for the Christmas Prompt Call

written to Kelkyag‘s prompt.

“I’ll start with carrots,” Agnieszka decided. “And then green onions. Chives, too. And then peas. Peas like it a little cold, right? Spinach and lettuce and start some tomatoes inside, and some peppers…”

“I’ll build a pavilion,” Natalia mused. “And an outdoor shower. It gets pretty warm, yeah? I’ll rig up a shadecloth or something for your plants. Let the goats out to frolic – I’ll have to set up a fence, if that wide plain over there doesn’t turn out to be a lake. Swimming! A nice big platform for proper sunbathing…”

The colony pod for Sieamans III was climate-controlled, with Sol-style sunlamps and a well-stocked hydroponic garden, a lap pool and a holographic relaxation deck. With the long, long seasons, the colonists needed it. But somehow, none of that compared to the daydreams, planning for the year when spring would finally get here.

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