A Week in Alder – what have I been doing?

The theme poll is closed, and January’s theme will be Addergoole!
I have been working on this month’s serial post. Werewolves!

Edally continues apace! Enrie keeps digging into things that she really shouldn’t…
If you haven’t checked it out, start here: Edally Acdemy is a series of stories, following three new students as they work through their life and their plans for the future in a steampunk boarding school. It belongs to the same world as last month’s Lexember conlang, Reiassan, and to my novel-in-progress, Rin & Girey.

I’ve started on Languary, an idea started by [personal profile] becka_sutton ([tumblr.com profile] languary), creating a language for a new setting.

I wrote a series of stories of Boom in Cloverleaf, playing off of some roleplay [personal profile] inventrix & I are doing, itself playing off an old story I wrote of Cya and Boom.

There’s also this AU that came off of that series of stories.

Discovery is set in Edally-Era Calenyen, telling the story of a ship from Homeland reaching Reiassan

Prompt Calls
My December Prompt Call is going to stay open until it stops being fun 😉
The theme is “Prompt something fun for me or fun for you.”
Stories include
Planning for Spring, space/colonies
Dinner, modern/threesome
Bound Up, Fae Apoc/Modern
Warm and Cozy, modern/creepy

I also still have this Addergoole in the Apocalypse “give me ideas” call open.
And Your Little Friends Too comes out of this call

I reviewed 2015

Offline/not posted
I also:
Wrote 1000 words on an fdom cyberpunk paranormal romance novella
Wrote 1300 words on a secret project
Wrote 1300 words of submissions and 300 words of commissions (Commission out for character approval)

For a grand total of 11,681 words from Jan 1-7th!

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