Lessons Learned in School, a ficlet of Dragons Next Door for the Giraffe Call

written to kunama_wolf‘s prompt. DnD, new character.

In first grade, Aliany’s classmates included a centaur, three pixies, a harpy, a wood-elf and five other human children. Their school stood at the border between Smokey Knoll, the magic district, and Alton Heights, a human neighborhood, and as such was an integrated classroom.

Aliany’s parents hadn’t been sure, but Aliany was thrilled by her classmates. She wore paper wings to class for a week after Ogarna, the harpy child, showed her how she flew. She turned a pair of her boots into hooves. She made clay tips for her ears. Her teachers, a dweomer-elf mix who could’ve passed as human, spoke to her parents, concerned.

Her parents just smiled. “There’s nothing wrong with aspiring. Even if it’s impossible, you learn something along the way,” her father insisted.

Aliany’s mother bought her a pair of costume pixie wings that year for Christmas, and a children’s alchemy set. “There is magic even for humans,” she assured Aliany, “and flight, and mystery.”

In second grade, Aliany shared her class with a dragon, and her parents, with a cheerful sigh, began building a fireproof rec room in the basement.

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