Trouble in Cloverleaf, Continued, for @InspectrCaracal, 379 words

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This story is of questionable canonicality – it probably happened, probably about 100 years after Cya & Leo graduate from Addergoole (or about 93 years after the end of the world) – but the exact date is up in the air, as well as some details.

It follows the Apollo/Boom stuff you can find on top on the Boom tag by about 2 years.

There were students everywhere in Leo’s dojo, and yet everything seemed both calm and happy. Leo was in his normal kimono and pants, the gold of the collar even more glaringly obvious in real life than it had been in the picture. He was in the middle of instructing a young student; several others were sparring or working on forms with each other.

Another student was being held off at the end of Luke’s outstretched arm, and two more were trying to stop him from entering and failing completely. He moved them out of the way as gently as he could.

Leo looked up, noticing Luke’s entrance. “sa’Hunting Hawk.” He wasn’t smiling anymore. “I wasn’t expecting you.”

You should have been.

“I imagine you weren’t,” he growled instead. Leo never thought ahead. Cynara had probably been expecting him.

“And definitely not expecting you to come frighten our students. Maybe we should talk somewhere else?” Leo glanced around the room.

Luke followed his glance. Some of the students looked frightened. A lot of them – this was a dojo, after all – looked ready to fight. Luke tamped down the part of him that wanted to fight all of them, just to take a little of the edge off.

“Sounds lovely.” It came out as a snarl. That was fine. He felt like snarling, and he wanted Leo to know exactly how pissed he was.

“Just a second, then.” He stalled, calling over one of his students and giving him instructions. The student’s eyes moved between Leo and Luke and back again, but Leo didn’t seem to notice.

Luke shifted his weight. He was in the heart of what might be enemy territory. It made his back itch. It made him want back-up.

He reminded himself forcefully that the reason he had come was to be certain Cloverleaf weren’t becoming enemies. If he’d brought back-up, it would have been seen as aggression.

Leo took the time to gather his shoes, then and only then gesturing to the door. “After you, sir.”

Somehow, telling himself to calm down just made Luke more on edge. “Where can we talk that isn’t hers?”

It was rude. It was against protocol. And if it was going to start a fight, he’d rather know now than later.

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