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Interuniversal Women’s Day: Rin

written to [personal profile] rix_scaedu‘s prompt here: Rin on finding out she can’t escape being Empress.
Written rather after the extant stuff.

Rin had been staring at paperwork for well over four hours. She had every archivist, priest, librarian, scholar, and historian in the entity of Lannamer looking over the papers with her.

Finally, her distant cousin Indiekdiek shook his head. “It is possible. It would pass the inheritance on to one of them, however. And because they are not considered unsuitable, we couldn’t simply get them removed from succession.”

“And marrying Girey? That doesn’t make me ineligible?”

“You married a prince.” Indiek shook his head at her. “To quote the Empress Akatarinakata, ‘it matters not why other nations seek to put crowns on their people. We will give them the courtesy of assuming they are at least as stringent as us.’ Well, that’s a bit of a paraphrase.”

Rin looked over at the Empress Akatarinakata’s biography. The woman had won wars riding at the very front of the raids. “I’m not going to argue with her, at least, no matter how long she’s been dead.”

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Patreon Pledge Drive

All right, I’m not going to bore you with a day-long telethon with people interrupting all your favorite programs to tell you about how if you donate just $5 you can get a WXXI tote bag…


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