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A New World

Kael was one of the most-know potion-masters of her time.  Too well known; she spent far too long dealing with would-be heroes and others who didn’t really need her help.  So she brewed up a potion to put her outside of the world for a while.

It would prove to be one of a very few potions on which she made a mistake.

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The World

Kael’s Tower – a Patreon perk Map

“Waterwoman Can’t,” a short story, now available

Check out “Waterwoman Can’t,” a short story of love and trouble, in Unconventional Love, available here – – from Amazon!

It has been years since Celia Brookes first starred as Waterwoman, the iconic TV superhero. But when her Liquid Lad hops up to her convention booth, things have just begun to be interesting!

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