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A Stretch after Sleep, a continuation

After After Long Sleep.

There were five men staring at her. Well, she had just stepped out of the ground.

Besides, Aster was used to staring, except that the looks they were giving her were not admiring, they were concerned. That was new. She checked herself – nope, she was still Masked, although she was naked. She’d been clothed when she was buried, she was pretty sure. But no, nothing but a few sad tatters, and the air was a bit chilly.

The man in front cleared his throat. “Ah. Did we wake you?”

“Well, some rather annoying people stuck me in the ground…” She frowned. “So I suppose it’s more as if you rescued me.”

“Buried you?” The man that spoke this time sounded urgent, worried. “When? That is, how long ago?” Aster frowned at him.

“Well, let me see.. I believe it was around seventeen-ninety…”

Seventeen?” The first man stared at her. “Well, then you’re not one of the returned gods, at least. But then what ARE you?”

“What I am,” Aster answered, perhaps a wee bit crossly, “is hungry.”

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