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Rivers and Lakes were made, but…

…no pictures today because I made a muck up of trying to make the long rivers more curvy. <.<

Tomorrow I will trace the map and start clean with shiny new curvy rivers.

And some lakes, preferably ones that don’t look like a troll-head. Those old troll dolls with all the hair.

I keep forgetting you don’t need visible obvious rivers feeding into a lake (visible on a continent-scale map, that is). It could all be streams.

Pictures tomorrow!

(pre-curvied drawings can be shown here – – that at least decide placement of the rivers in broad scale)

Edit (again): Please ignore the awful scribbles that are the rivers. This is for basic city and border placement.

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Red is our story country, at least the beginning of it. Blue is Second Country and spills onto the large island below and 1/5 of the small islands. Third country is the other small islands and the last 2 largish islands. (Islands not visible on this map)

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A Reason, a continuation of Space Accountant

This follows after: Taking Chances, Betting on it, Betting Time, Bunking Arrangements, and Accidental.

It is a partial answer to Kelkyag‘s question here and is only a year and a half in coming…

“Spill.” First Mate Cleonorayen Clyd flopped into the spare chair in Quatermaster Marist Irio’s bunk without asking or even knocking. She made up for it by thunking down a thick bottle filled with a bluish liquid.

Marist grabbed two heavy-bottomed glasses and poured generous shots. “You’re talking about the little accountant, right?”

“Bunk change. Bunk change, Marist, what on earth possessed you?”

“What? She wanted a bunk change, I gave her one. Pretty Marsey there is going to be a happy-if-confused young man for the next year.”

“But he could have been that without a marriage contract. What are you up to?”

“Pitmaster.” Marist threw back her drink in one swallow. “If the girl is in a marriage contract, she doesn’t go to the Pit. And none of us want her going to the Pit… do we?”

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Adding mountains to a fantasy map… with split peas~

After the lentil map yesterday, I wanted to add mountains next.

So back to the pantry!

Peas! I played with a few different ranges before deciding that before a water-raising event some 1000 years ago, much of this island chain was one continent. So many of the peaks (on the left of the map) are the remains of a single mountain range.

And here’s the map with the mountain ranges roughed in. Frankly, I think they show up better as peas <.<

Next, according to every “draw your fantasy map” thing I’ve found, is supposed to be rivers. But I am sort of wanting to know what the rest of the elevation is doing!

Like, are there gorges? (I live in NYS, we have a lot of gorges). Is there a broad bread-basket plain there along the bottom of the main continent? I originally imagined a N-S cross-continental river; where would that go?

Also, considering the scale, are my mountains too wide? I should look into mountains a bit more.

(ETA: from wikipedia: “The Rockies vary in width from 70 to 300 miles” Mine edge out about 200 miles wide, so I’m okay!)

(ETA: BIOMES I need to figure out BIOMES. Well, “need to.”)
(more editing: Rough Biome Map)

Images all moved to

So many things to think about!


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