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Making a fantasy map with lentils~

First things first: hattip [personal profile] becka_sutton, for showing me this video.

This is my attempt at creating Yet Another Fantasy World via the “pile of stuff on the paper” method.

Images moved here.

First attempt: sort of a shark under the US. Not quite the look I wanted.

Second attempt: much closer.

Close-up of the lower islands.

And here’s the draft map!

Next up: Mountains

Edited to add: dimensions


And Atlantis:


(this is for the setting I’ve been working on for a story whose working title is Portal Bound)

P.S. North is to the right on all these. Not sure why the images insist on being rotated.

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At Home, a story of Spring

After/concurrent with Nothing could possib-lie go wrong and Places One Doesn’t Go.

The fest was wild, and Spring and Lance were in the heart of it. A place like this didn’t need too much tangling – so many people here were already quite twisted up, wound in with other people, braided in with their own stories. But it was still fun to watch the tangles and knots, and it was still just a fun place to be, where nobody would look sideways at the girl with chaos tattooed on her chest or the handsome man in the very-well-fit pants and silky shirt who somehow seemed at home in the sea of tie-dye and batik, ripped denim and torn flannel.

“You look perfect,” Lance told her. “You’re aligned exactly with this place, did you know that?”

Spring stretched up, fingers tickling the air. “I know. This place is my place. It’s my people.” She dropped her arms so she could wiggle her fingers at a man covered in black-ink tattoos. “It’s like home, you know, like family? Can’t stand to spend all your time there, but it’s awesome when you go back for a bit.”

“Excuse me.” The voice cut across the cacophony, although it sounded both quiet and calm. “I believe you are mistaken about some important matters.” There was no speaker visible. The sound was coming from the back fence.

Spring grabbed Lance’s hand. “Speaking of family… we need to be over there. Now.”

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Second-year magic lessons

This is written to a prompt cluudle left back in August, 2015

Luke didn’t like her, and he really did not like teaching her.

Shahin found that a little amusing, but she tried not to antagonize the man too much. She wanted to become better at Kwxe. Everything she found in every vision told her she was going to need it. Everything the teachers didn’t want to tell her enforced that – up to and including the fact that, despite the fact that Luke did not like teaching her, he’d agreed to meet with her three times a week to practice Kwxe.

“What are you going to use this for?” he demanded today. Shahin smiled, a small expression that was as dry and as careful as she could make it.

“I was thinking,” she offered, “that I would use it to stop Dragons. Or – if I can’t stop them…” She would stop them, she knew it. But that would be much later. “…then to stall them.”

She noted that he was surprised, and a bit chagrined, and quite a bit worried. She decided she could live with that.

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Such a lovely weekend!

This was my Big Four-Oh, or, as I like to think of it, the very beginning of a 7-month-long celebration. And it was an awesome celebration!

We went to visit our friends in Troy (E.Mc and Pivin; I was in their wedding a couple years ago. We visit them as much as we can manage). There we had awesome sliders (the only meat-on-bread you’ll get me to eat, unless you count tortillas as bread) at, a short but very fun hike at Saratoga Spa State Park (Hot springs!) and a longer hike around Saratoga Springs, the town. I found some lovely books in a used book store described to me as having non-Euclidian geometry involved in its layout (I think it’s just L-Space 😉 and a nice necklace in a really creepy “antique” market going out of business.

Then we had dinner at – nom nom nom.

There was a lot of eating involved in this trip! 🙂 Also a good deal of drinking. The next day was all-you-can-eat sushi as well as buying a bow tie for the kitties (They liked it fine once we took the bell off).

There may be photos. I’ll check tonight.

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