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funFic – The Basement (@dahob, @LadyRowyn, @InspectrCaracal)

I asked what I should write for fun. This is what we ended up with 🙂

“What kind of person keeps this sort of thing in their basement?”

Everything had gone wrong when Ted and his buddies had jumped — or, rather, tried to jump — this group of girls they’d seen pulling scrounge out of their territory. They’d thought they were winning. Then he’d seen a fist, a shovel…

“I mean, really. Don’t you think this is a bit… overkill?”

Poor choice of words, Ted. Poor choice of words.

The girl smiled at him. “You’d have to ask the people that used to live here. Me n’ my girls, we just happened upon this row of places that were empty, and since nobody was using them…” She couldn’t have been more than 5 foot, five two. But she’d swung that shovel like a sledgehammer. And, it seemed, gotten him into this… basement. “So we moved in. Turned out it came with accessories.”

Ted looked up at his wrists, encased in soft but nevertheless relentless leather. “Uh. Lucky you, I guess?” The whole basement was made out like that — black leather and shiny chains, the walls padded with more black leather, the floor soft and slick. In the world before the End, it had probably been someone’s playroom.

Now Ted was chained here, caught by this tiny girl with the wide smile, and he had a creeping feeling that she wasn’t planning on playing… or at least not any games he would have fun with.

“Lucky you.” She tapped the nice soft wall with what Ted thought was probably a riding crop. “The folks next door — Tammy’s house, now — were raising dogs.”

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