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Patreon Theme Poll!

Hello! It’s time for the May Patreon Theme Poll!

These polls determine the theme for Patreon writing for the month, spurring the prompt call and from there several stories.

Want to check out my Patreon? Look here.
For just $1, you can read all the Patreon stories; for $5/month, you can prompt in the prompt calls! (for $7/month you get a private story!)

Don’t have Dreamwidth? Please feel free to vote in the comments.

For setting information, check out here.

This poll will close on 5/5/2016 at 5:55 p.m. Eastern time.

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AllBingo – “Finish It?”

okay, guys, there’s this –

So, much in the spirit of rix_scaedu‘s recent “More Character please” prompt request and “More Story please posts, I’m offering this:

Tell me what you want me to finish/work on

Give me 30 things (6 are for me to pick) – with URL if available – that need to be/you want to be completed/continued/furthered, and I will add them to my bingo card, to be worked on over the next 2 months.

If I get more than 30 (I accept this is entirely possible), I will put them all on a list and randomize out the first 30, or pick and choose ones I like, as I see fit. edit OR make a bigger card…

Edit again: See this post for an ongoing list of suggestions

The List

Daxton and Esha (3? votes!)
Arisse and Chress
Kidnappers in “Dragons Next Door.” (3? votes!)

Shahin and Emrys
Cúmhaí :
Space Accountant: A Reason – and Accidental, and bunking arrangements, etc (Genique got Married?) –

[[Links for the below list here – ]]
The Cat’s Paw.
B is for Beryl and her Boys.
Boy Trouble, which is rather skew from the previous.
Charming. (Okay, several of these are in related threads …)
The Powers that Be. (Missing from landing page.)
Midnight, Summer Solstice.
How The Family Does things — at resting point/chapter break, but there could be more.
Family and Cocoa and/or Warm Visions and Warm Family (missing from landing page).
Heroes (and earlier branches).
An Argument of Magic.
In the Attic. (Possible relation to previous?)
Aetheric Cleansing.
Trash and Treasures.
Bless the Cat.
Legacy Cat.
You’d Better Watch Out.
Wild Card.
Rumors about the Family.
The Strength.
I Am No Aunt.
King(maker) Cake.
The Hazards of Magic.
Three Glass Beads, Peacock Blue.
A Locked Chest is Locked for a Reason.

Space Accountant:
Shenanigans. (There are multiple snippets without immediate followups, but it’s mostly all one thread.)

Reiassan (all out of order):
Fifty Years.
Rin and Girey, and more Rin, with research.
Rin’s parents, and Rin’s father, and …
And Edally and stuff, but I’m pretty sure you’re on that already.

Things Unspoken:
Linguistic Tricks.
Æ is for Ash.
Rodegard — and Esedora.

Links for this list here –
Other Reiassan:
Carrying the Spirit.
Skill and Dreams.
The Enemy’s City.
Road Map To….

Links for this list here –
One more From Aunt Family that’s more a vague suggestion than anything actually unfinished: Robbie meets Radar, discussed in comments.

The Portal Closed.

Unicorn/Factory – Cleaning House/Observing

Links for this list here –
More Unicorn/Factory:
Take Me (which I realize was thwarting then, and I don’t know if it’d be less so now).
Far Weston.
Where Do Unicorns Come From?.
The Silver Road.
The Unicorn Bride Rebellion.
Unicorn Strokes.

And links for this list here –

Dragons Next Door threads:
Juniper kidnapped, though I’d also like to see a resolution with teams A, B, and C as well — especially if one of them decides to go gremlin hunting instead.
Over the Wall left off in the middle of the discussion, just as it was taking (yet another) interesting turn.

Jin and the hostage situation: how did he nab the guy long-distance, and what fallout came from it to Jin or anyone else?
We met Bianna, but we haven’t seen her since Jin talked to his friends about bringing her up with Jimmy.

Autumn] – no specific story chosen yet

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