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Landing Page: Reiassan


The two largest (and only surviving) nations on the continent of Reiassan have been at war, on and off, for centuries, gobbling up all smaller nations in their wake. Now, in the 20th year of Emperor Alessely, the Northern nation of Callenia has conquered the Southern nation of Bithrain.

In the aftermath of the war, one healer in the Emperor’s Army, a woman named Rin, has taken as a captive a Bitrani soldier. Although she calls him Girey of Tugia, and has convinced him to do the same, her prisoner is the surviving heir of the deposed-and-soon-to-be-executed King of Bithrain. Now she is bringing him home, across the long mountainous countryside to the far northern Callanthe capital city of Lannamer.

Reiassan is a fantasy story with romantic elements. The still-very –new Steam!Reiassan is set quite some time in the future in the same country, and is a steampunk setting.

NB: The setting is constantly evolving. While the stories are in the process of being edited for the e-book, the versions here on livejournal/dreamwidth will have some setting inconsistencies – horses v. goats, etc.

Temporary add-on landing page here.

Places to start
Abduction For the Rin/Girey story, with an LJ login.
Coming Soon (LJ), a trailer for the Rin/Girey story
Sword (LJ) – sets the tone of an earlier era
Discovery (LJ) – for the Steam/Edally era
Edally Academy

Test Synopsis: Rin & Girey Novel (No Xpost)

Rin/Girey Stories include:
Abduction – Rin & Girey meet
Packed Up – they begin their voyage
First Night (LJ)- Donor Perk
1st Night Pt2 (LJ) – Donor Perk
Relics – the next day on the trip – – available in Tales for the Sugar Cat
Case of the Crankies
Talking to the Children (LJ)- Donor Perk; Rin’s side of “Case of the Crankies.”
Escape 1 (LJ)
Escape 2 (LJ) [these 2 a donor perk]
In the Wrong River ((did not x-post)
Hurt/Comfort (LJ) {Beta/Donor}
In Context – visiting old friends – available in Tales for the Sugar Cat
Unexpected Hello (LJ), still in Ossulund
Not. Jealous. (LJ)- still, still in Ossulund
Furlough (Lj) and yet still in Ossulund.
Bed-Warmer (LJ) – what IS she going to do with him?
Being Brought In (LJ)

Blade (LJ)

Baths (LJ) – timeline not totally certain here
Enemy – who is the enemy, anyway?
Meat of the Matter (LJ)
Bare Bones (LJ) [Beta]
Skeleton Key (LJ) [donor perk]
Ambush (LJ [Beta/donor]
Ghosts of Memory (LJ) Girey ponders
TeaTime – a conversation over tea
Heroes – after a bad morning – available in Tales for the Sugar Cat
Holiday – a drabble on downtime
Pause in the Journey – another drabble, on thinking about their route
View-Point – two days out from Lannamer
untitled – rained in
Crossing Into Lannamer
Bridged, on the bridge into Lannamer. Sponsor for $20
Identity (LJ Link), on the streets of Lannamer.
Wedding Plans (LJ Link), right after Identity
Revelation (LJ) – Donor Perk
Is This a Kissing Book? (LJ) – Donor Perk; they Kiss!
Menagerie (did not x-post) (probably not canon)
Back Way (LJ) (Donor Perk)
“Come to Bed” (LJ)
In Bed (LJ), after “Come to Bed” [Beta]
Morning After (LJ) [Access-list only]
Virginity/Celibacy (LJ), a drabble.
Under Scrutiny (LJ)
(3 day gap to be filled here)
Dressing (LJ)
Mother Knows… (LJ)
Encountering Dad (LJ)
Further Discussion Follows (LJ)

Of the world but not of Rin & Girey:
In the Past (the War-Torn Era)
Sword (LJ)
The Empress Who Would Be Goat-Wife (LJ)
Mighty Sword (LJ Link), from an earlier era of Callanthe
Giving up the Ghost (LJ)
Carrying the Spirit (LJ) (also in an earlier era)

In the Present (the Peacemaking Era)
A Myth of Reiassan
Skill & Dreams
The Enemy’s City (LJ
Ask the Character: Rin (LJ)
Wild Horses (Lj)

Coming Soon (LJ), a trailer

In the Future (the Steam Era)
<a href="”>Planning
Husbands and Wifes (DW) [Beta]
Road Map To… (LJ), a story of Steam!Callenia
Linkback and Donation Incentive story (LJ)

Edally Era, “Discovery” (2 storylines)
Discovery (LJ)
Discovery Part II (LJ)
Part III (LJ)
Part IV (LJ)
Part V (LJ)
77 Words (LJ)

Part Fnarg (LJ)
Part Shnarg (LJ) – Psychometry

Edally Era – in Edally
Light a Candle for me (on Patreon)

History (LJ)
Kids and Kids (LJ)
Snow and Snowshoes (LJ)
Fire (LJ)
The Dairy Case (LJ)
posers and Fakes (LJ)
Waste (LJ)
Plunder! (LJ)
Art and Needle-Art (Also Maps) (LJ)
Meals (LJ)
Eating (LJ)
Knife, Sword (LJ)
Tent and Goat, Pot and Blankets (LJ)
Saddles (LJ)
Names and Conlanging (LJ)

Magic of the Calenyena (LJ)

Callenan poetry, a brief treatise (LJ)

Read rix_scaedu‘s ongoing fanfiction series, set in Edally era. The first story is here; the tag encompassing all of them is here.

[personal profile] meeks‘ picture of Rin and her riding goat – and two details:

A draft map of Reiassan is discussed here.
History of Reiassan notes – part the first (LJ)
Worldbuilding: The Trip (LJ)

Icons by djinni:

The Author, in Rin-era Calenyena clothing.

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Friday’s Five-Minute Map (give or take): Edally Academy

This is a rough top-down view of Edally Academy, done by tracing dimes (see this tweet) because I don’t keep a compass at work.

I’m really enjoying #FridayFiveMinuteMap, and I encourage everyone to join in!

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