Giraffe Call Round Two: Open!

Welcome to my summer giraffe Call!

The theme today is “Green Thumbs”

Please feel free to leave as many prompts as come to your mind!

You may prompt whether or not you prompted in round one.

I will write a short flash fiction or the beginning of a story (approx 150-300 words) for the first twelve prompters who post their prompts within the next 48 hours.

I will start posting stories around 8:30 a.m. Eastern time and continue until I run out of prompters/until 9:30 p.m., and then pick up again tomorrow morning with whatever’s left.

I’ll write a second (or more) story for you if:

  • You tip or pledge to my patreon
  • You are a new prompter – don’t forget to tell me!
  • Your signal boost brings in a new prompter

If you qualify for a second-plus story, I will also waive the twelve-prompter limit and the 48-hour limit for you.

Please remember to tell me if you are a new prompter, AND what/who brought you to this Giraffe Call!
If your Paypal or Patreon account name does not match your posting/prompting account name, please remember to leave a note letting me know you tipped/pledged.

Any tip you leave will buy you more words, at my reduced Giraffe Call rate of $5/300 words.

In Addition, if I receive $25 in tips, $10 in new Pledges, or 10 new followers between LiveJournal and Dreamwidth – or a combination thereof – I will run the Giraffe Call for a third day, with a third theme, and a third chance to prompt! The prompt options for tomorrow are currently tied at “Impossible Ideas” and “Summer ritual celebrations.”

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0 thoughts on “Giraffe Call Round Two: Open!

  1. <ponders the black jars> Does Aud have an herb garden? Where does she get ingredients/components she doesn’t grow herself? Does the Aunt House have a garden? (Depending on the Aunt in residence, I imagine.) IRC Ruan and Johais’ experiments on the spirit traps included rue, and there’s the holiday story with magic-enhanced baked goods … First peach of summer. First Rose. Does anyone take care of the park in Fairy Town, or try to? Daxton and Esha trying to make the”little rocky earldom by the border” prosper. (Possibly jumping too far ahead in the storyline.) Downside Up Vineyard. Trying to transplant an ash sapling.

  2. I may be late, but in case – Planting principles How do Narnian and Valdemaran woods and gardens compare? If your skin’s already green, does the idiom change? Not all superpowers are flashy. After fire, seeds will sprout.

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