Narnia Problem

Hi guys…

I am ~stuck~ on Narnia/Cat in the Closet. I have an entire nother chapter written, but I’m bored.

And if I’m bored, well, then I expect the reader (you) will be too.

So I come to you for help. Help? Advice? Anything?

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0 thoughts on “Narnia Problem

  1. I haven’t been bored so far, not that that helps you. Do you need to write ahead at an exciting bit. or a bit you think is exciting?

  2. Life happens while we make plans.. so, miserable horrible weather makes it necessary to seek shelter, leading to a detour, while at the same time putting everyone in a bad mood… which leads to an uncomfortable amount of truth..

  3. It’s fan fiction — spending quality time with the characters isn’t wrong. But if you’re bored with it … why? Would eliding that chapter and going on to the next one help?

  4. You could try throwing in a random encounter (as the old tabletop RPG player comes out) while they’re gathering firewood. They’d get a chance to try fighting in their current bodies. Polla might have to rescue them, or at least provide backup, and could certainly give pointers.

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