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Meta-Conversation Part three: Egglings and children

You, the readers, asked Jaco of Lady Taisiya’s Fourth Husband some questions, and he’s already discussed someand then some more Here he is, back after anotehr intermission.

Rix’s hand is the first to go up once again, as Jaco scans the audience, hands clenched in his lap.

“I hope I may ask this without being unpardonably rude, but how many children does a family tend to have?”

That manages to elicit a smile from him, and his bow this time is as elaborate as his sitting position and chains allow. “You’re not being rude at all, Honored Lady, but the answer might be a bit complicated.

“So, generally, most families have three, maybe four children per husband. Sometimes a man outlives his first wife, or maybe his second. It happens — look how young little Fell is. He might get married again, then, as a retirement sort of thing. Lady Taisiya’s first husband was like that. Usually guys like that don’t have more children — but Orrig had two.

“Sometimes…” He rolls his shoulders and clears his throat. “Well, someone’s not good for anything so they get married, but they don’t sire any egglings. You know, they say ‘the shell was too thin on that one’? That sort of person.

“But, uh, generally…” He twists his lips up for a moment. “Three kids, maybe four a husband, averages about two and two-thirds kid when you figure in the thin-shells and the old guys.”

“Do you know and/or are you allowed to discuss why there are more men than women?” Rix asks. In turn, Jaco shrugs, all his chains jingling as he makes a show of the noise.

“What they say in history class is it’s a side effect of the egg thing. I don’t know. They said that when we came here, to this place, the creators had to do some modification to make us able to survive here. And one of the modifications, well, that made so the eggs usually come out male. Sometimes someone comes out with a theory — an academic, maybe, or a priest. Once my older brother was working on something, actually, to see if they could shift the balance. His funding got pulled and he nearly lost his place at the University.” He shrugs, short and jerky. “So that’s as much as I know.”

He flips through the cards from the audience, finally smiling — almost a grimace, really — at one. “Lady Kelkyag.” He bows in Kelkyag’s direction. “‘How long do egglings incubate?’ That’s a good one. They generally incubate for about six —” he glances at me for the word.

“‘Month’ is close enough,’” I offer.

“…about six months. And, urm.” He frowns back at the card. “Does one male mind the same eggling for the whole incubation period?’ Well, here, and in the house I grew up in, yeah. The father minds his own eggling. If he’s sick, or… something happens, the rest of the men will take turns minding the egg, or a man without an egg will take over, I guess. But in some houses, all the egglings, all the children, are considered children of the first husband, and everyone else helps him out.” He wrinkles his nose. “Onter’s not like that, and I can’t see the Lady putting up with it. But not all First Husbands are Onter, and not all Wives are our Lady.”

He takes a breath, and then stands up to stretch. “I’ve got to get some air. Go ahead and leave more questions, if you want.”

His chains jangle loudly against the quiet of the room as he steps outside.


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Conlang all year round – Auxpril in August

I am going through 365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember one month/day in the second half of August…. because I wanted to. See conlang 365 tag for the ones I’ve done so far…

April’s Auxpril is about getting new fans! (Which leads of course to the question of: for what? I’m a mult-project girl; should I focus on fans for the fan-fic (blood for the blood god?), fans for Edally, fans for my vast corpus of unfinished work (i.e., this blog…)

Sometimes, one of those can translate into another, in theory. So I’ll ask about all three:

  • Where do you go to find Fanfic? I have accounts and stories posted on AO3 and Twisting the Hellmouth, and don’t mind writing in a specific fandom if it draws people.

  • Where do you go to find original fiction on the internet? I’m listed on Web Fiction Guide, Epiguide, and Muse’s Success (shamless plug: I still pay in fic for every two reviews, and Edally is sadly underreviewed)

  • Writers: Where do you go to find audience?
    I know [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith and others have used the Bingo Challenges to go fishing for audience; did you find that it worked?
    Project Wonderful ads, sure, but how do you make them engaging enough to draw people in?

  • If you’re already a regular reader, how did you find this blog?
    Any suggestions on making it easier for readers to move from one section of my work (blog, fanfic, serial) to another?

Thanks! Also, if you’re a new fan, thank you! Where did you come from and how do I clone you? 😀

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Passing the Torch

a story of Doomsday/Cloverleaf

Acquiring Students
When my tablet runs out of battery…
The Crew Continues
Crew, Continued
The Day
A Pact
The Pact Slips, Part I
The Pact Slips, Part II
A Solution

Several years after the above stories – more than 50 years after the apocalypse.

There were five students loitering near the fence at Maureen’s, and the last parents had come and gone. Luke rolled his shoulders and pulled his wings close. There was nobody coming for them. There never had been someone coming for three of them — raised in the creche, the only time they’d been out of the Addergoole complex was on field trips. The last two had been dropped off by their parents four years ago. Luke had honestly thought those parents would come back.

It had been years since Cya Red Doomsday had stopped showing up, long enough that the rumors had almost stopped. She’d never have taken the girls, and he could only remember once that she’d taken two, but she could have done something. Luke stepped forward. He was going to have to have the talk abut the Village and Other Options with these kids. He was going to have to pull their Mentors in and ask why they hadn’t prepared their Students. He was going to have to growl if one of Mike’s old Students showed up, the way they did some years, offering snake oil and a slave collar.

A blue man teleported in front of him with a whiff of sulfur and an apologetic grin, followed a millisecond later by Cya Red Doomsday and… another woman. Luke didn’t recognize her, althugh her face shape remind him of someone else — black hair, golden-brown skin, and a ready and wide smile that looked ready to cause trouble.

“Usually I’d come earlier,” Cya was telling the other woman, “but I wanted to be sure that you saw what happens when we don’t come. sa’Hunting Hawk,” she bowed politely in his direction, “this is Sunitha the Bright Idea, my former student and current protégé.”

Protégé.. “Red Doomsday.” He returned her bow. “jae’Bright Idea. Are you…”

“It really doesn’t work for me right now.” Luke thought that Cya sounded apologetic. “And… i thought that the ones who didn’t look like Howard, Leo, or Cabal deserved a chance.”

“Ah.” There was a “Howard”-type among the five — broad-shouldered, blond, big horns — but he wasn’t one Luke was most worried about. He bowed again at Bright Idea. He shouldn’t feel as relieved about this as he did, but… “I trust Red Doomsday’s judgement, ma’am.”

Cya smirked at her protégé, but there was warning in the expression. “Don’t let him down.”

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