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Conlang all year round – Juneme in August

I’ve discovered that I missed conlanging, and as I’ve missed many months of “365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember,” I decided in the remains of August, I would cycle through the first 8 months twice of conlang-exercises twice.

We’re up to June!

Juneme – Document or add to your phonetic inventory a phoneme a day, or add a rule to your phonotactics a day, or a Sandhi rule a day (but not all three, that would be absurd)

See? I’m learning things every day! I had to look up Sandhi rules and phonotactics… and I think I have to try Calenyen more out loud before I can realize and Sandhi rules.

Calenyen Phonatactics:
* Two consonants appearing in a row (ketbaa, Diedreddakak) are pronounced separately, and mark a syllable break between them (ket-baa, died-red-dak-kak)

* A single consonant between syllables can belong to both syllables (lanutez lan-nut-tez)

* a palatalized consonant on its own between two syllables (Pebyab) is pronounced at the end of the first syllable as non-palatalized and then as palatalized in the beginning of the second syllable (peb-byab)

Ketbaa – mother
Diedreddakak – button-maker
lanutez – goat-hair braid, a faker
Pebyab – tiny baby goat

Old Tongue Phoneme

Ofein, a letter making the sound “o” as in the word “oh” (this is either o or o̞ in IPA, I think)

The word ofein also expresses the concept exist and is pronounced oh fine.


Polysemarch 2/ Juneme 2

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