Thimbleful Thursday – Clam Up

“I can’t get her to talk,” Aijen complained. “I’ve tried everything. I sang to her. I bribed her. I took her for long walks on the beach. I left her alone and snuck up on her to see if she talked to other people. I fed her the best foods I could find. I hired people to make her fancy clothes and the most fashionable shoes. And nothing. I remember her sweet voice. I can hear it in my dreams. But she’d clammed up and nothing I do can to get her to talk again.”

“Aijen,” sighed his dear old family retainer, “you’ve never read the Little Mermaid, have you?”

Written to Last Week’s Thimbleful Thursday Prompt: Clam Up

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  1. Huh. I’ve never pondered the story from the prince’s point of view, whether (or how) he might figure out what’s up, or what he’d do about it if he did. Clueful henchman ++

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