Weekends in the Finger Lakes

This weekend… we drank beer.
(note: I started this last week. I’m a little behind on weekend blogs. So… The weekend before this past one… We drank beer)

I’m serious, that was almost the entirety of Saturday.

Rewind… So, probably a couple years ago (we don’t drive this road very often), a place that had been selling Amish furniture and barns (“Thee Amish Market,” sigh) went out of business, only to be replaced with… a beergarden?

On the Finger Lakes Wine trail, this has been happening more and more over the last couple years – wineries go under, but breweries are going up everywhere – so a place to taste all that beer seems not all that unreasonable. But T. and I had only stopped by once, and kind of forgotten it.

Until he send me an e-mail: “Brewfest.”


We haven’t hit a wine festival this year. We’ve hit a lot of wineries… but only one or two breweries, and no festivals.

Well, the year is almost over… time for beer!

So, we showed up at 12:30, got our little ½-pint (technically 3/4 -cup) glass &12 tasting tickets each, and stared at the 20 tables of eager local breweries, just waiting to get us tipsy.


Or maybe a little drunk?

Local breweries have, pleasantly, gotten past their “all hops all the time” thing, which is nice, because I am not actually a fan of hops. At all. I had some nice pumpkin ale, some very nice hefeweizen, some stout, a really good rum ale…

…after that it gets a bit blurry. We also had tacos, kielbasa, and maple sugar candy, walked around the place about 20,000 times, and tasted at least one hard cider.

It was pretty awesome. And it was also pretty much all of Saturday. We hit the grocery store, we got home, we napped for an hour… and it was dark.

Then we had some dinner, etc, and all was good with the world. All in all, a pretty awesome way to spend a Saturday.

And clearly, it left me beer-hazed for a week, and I totally forgot to write a conclusion and post this.

So… This weekend. Well, this weekend, we made like homeowners. We went to Lowe’s. We cleaned up the house. We organized the garage. (We ate at China Buffet). And I burned brush. So much brush. I can almost see my squash patch again.

And now that I’ve found my squash patch (almost), I’m planning on covering it with coffee grounds, eggshells, ashes, and cardboard. Oh, and peat moss.

Maybe next year we’ll actually grow squash again. 🙂

And maybe next weekend, I’ll remember to post a blog post in a reasonable amount of time….

Well, let’s not get crazy.

So: that was my October weekends so far. How about you guys?

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  1. I am also bad about posting stuff, and super busy. I will make a post by the end of the day, friends locking it cause it involves upcoming travel!!

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