Certain Things Remain (to One), a story of the Aunt Family for all to read on Patreon

“He’s your cousin.” Karen’s mother made the word sound positively scandalous.

“It’s not as if he’s my first cousin or something,” Karen countered tiredly. She’d already had this conversation with a sister, two cousins, and her mother’s aunt Betty. “To find a common ancestor — and only one of them, I might add – you have to go back up two family splits to a great-grandmother who married three times. Gerry down the street is more related to me than that.”

“But…” Her mother made a distressed noise. “You’re not supposed to… supposed to…”

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0 thoughts on “Certain Things Remain (to One), a story of the Aunt Family for all to read on Patreon

  1. OK, her mother’s assumptions are pretty much wrong on every front. Except for the “Billy”. Seriously, “Aunt Billy?”

    • One of my friends – who now has a child – has a sister called Bill. I honestly don’t know what Bill’s given name is; she’s been introduced to me as Bill…. so, Aunt Bill. 😀 But that aside, I have a distant cousin named Billy, and he, ++ (70’s, 80’s) Zonker from Doonsbury, is what I was thinking of here.

  2. Rules are made to be broken? Especially if you’re the Aunt? I *really* want to eavesdrop on Karen’s conversations with the other Aunts. Saint Gretel I’m pretty sure is new (Saint?!?); is Anatolia?

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