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I’m really starting to like Cade, which is bad, because The Agencies are the bad guys (another snip)

There was something to be said for very basic technology.

Cade ran a finger over the transmitter, which was small but not micro, easy to use, hard to break, and relatively easy to conceal as long as your target wasn’t actively looking for it.

They had an agent working as a maid in the Grande Star Hotel, which was where their targets were presumably staying. They also had a busboy at the Templeton, and a front desk clerk at the Gaslight, because you never could tell with these particular targets if they’d actually go where you thought they’d go. The Hampton Inn, well, Cade had a room there.

You did what you could, and getting their staff jobs so they were being double-paid had advantages when you were scraping the barrel to give them a raise.

The witch – Fiora, her name was, and she was a lovely woman that probably would have been more at home in long floral skirts with her hair down than in the Agency skirt-suit with nylons and heels – produced her micro welding kit and another small transmitter. “So, if we start with this, and then right into the circuit board, here, we draw a sigil, it’s a basic one, but it encourages a lack of caution. Loose lips and all that. But if I add this one to the case, like thus, then it also transmits a signal if certain phrases are used.”

Very basic technology was nice, Cade thought, but very basic technology supplemented with nice, tidy little magic spells – now that was what the Agency needed.

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Taking Prompts: Crayon Bingo

Description from [community profile] allbingo:

[The List] is all of the Crayola’s colors past, current, and discontinued from their various products. There is a huge list with examples of the color here.

You may use the prompt however it speaks to you. If it inspires an emotion or the actual color that is up to you and your muse.

Prompt away! As always, prompts in Bingo lines with other prompts are more likely to be used. The ones that have been chosen are the appropriate crayon hex color – except Rainbow, which well…

Purple Pizzazz Sunny Winter Wizard Mummys Tomb Dandelion
Black Coral Dodger Blue Yellow Sunshine Meat Brown Brown
Plum Cherry RAINBOWS Goldenrod Prussian Blue
Smokey Topaz Fuzzy Wuzzy Peach Star Spangled Banner Pine Green
Blue Melon Pearly Purple Banana Mania Robin’s Egg Blue

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