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Poll Links II

Dragons Next Door/Vas World/Facets of Dusk
Fears/Loophole/Neighborhood Watch
Sturdy Walls & Bridges in Walls.
Sharing Stories
Aud & Sage’s courtship and Rules:
Rule One; the Over the Wall thread includes Rule ThreeDwimors, and Self-Hating
Learning and Lies
Rule TwoParent-Teacher ConferenceShowing OffHuman Town
Planning Board Woes
Lessons Learned in School.
Then and Now, waiting-for-sponsorship Under PressureHands-on-KnowledgeFriends Do.
the medieval/wild West mix-up
the door that the Jameerery went through.
The Uniform

Shadow Rebellion
Landing page and tag

Addergoole and Tír na Cali

Clarisse: Paint it Blue and Paint Me Blue (Adg)
Bjorn: Uncle and The Uncle’s… Pet?
Matchmaker, Matchmaker (Adg)
Abrelle: Shades and Shifting (Adg)
Cumhai: A couple helping hands, last update After the Night (Adg)
About That… (Adg)
Bracken, her first year, and Continued; also Bracken, her second year (Adg)
Deaths in the Faerie apocalypse, a side note (Adg)
They Were Over (Adg)
Together/Again (Adg)
Where It All Began – the Zeroth Cohort in Addergoole: Where It All Began (Adg)

Return to Sender/Old Debts and Old Favors***: No posted text yet, see concept image (fae apoc)

The Collar Job: Part I (and on LJ), Part IV –

I Serve
Hallowing New Ground
Turning, Tables, and other Things
Little Lost Kitty Girl and The Little Lost Kitty Girl at Home


Stranded and Reiassan:

Stepping Around
Keeping a Hold on Things
Kith and Kin
Stranded in Winter
Tangling isn’t just a walk in the park
A Tangled Knot
Love Meme: Kai and Rozen, Autumn and Ink

Fifty Years (Reissan, Rin pre-war)
A Wedding and Rin, related snippets. (Reiassan, R&G)
Rin’s parents, and Rin’s father, and …: Rin and her Mother, and Knowing Where His Place Is (parallel thread, both with related material) (Reiassan, R&G)
Discovery (caves): starts with Part Fnarg, last update A Discovery in Depth (Reiassan, steam era)
Discovery (at sea): starts with Discovery, last update 77 Words of Discovery (Reissan, steam era)
Carrying the Spirit (Reiassan, before R&G) (TUn)
Skill and Dreams (Reiassan)
The Enemy’s City (Reiassan, R&G era)
Road Map To…. (Reiassan, steam era) (TUn)
With the Goats

Science!, Fairy Town, Things Unspoken, and Inner Circle

The Trouble With Theories…
What are we Sciencing For, then?
More people might want to…
In Theory
Making Friends

Fairy Town:
Katydid, Stone Soup and Other Gifts
Whitney, Planting some Good
The Kirkavare, and Mirandabelle, and Father Nehemiah, and Mrs. Bao, Strange Things and Stranger, and earlier, Reaching out for the Congregation, and earlier Guarding the Church
Aston, Give and Take
The Beggars

Things Unspoken:
Finish it: Scheffenon
Child of the Unburnt Ash
Around Elephants

Inner Circle:
(Not Actually Demifiction) of Inner Circle
Meeting the Archmage