Archive | October 13, 2017

Technically, [this meets the] Qualifications, a Facets of Dusk story for Patreon

Okay, so I’m working on my outlines for Finish It nanowrimo coming up in, well, November.  And I got to the one for Facets of Dusk and I started thinking about – well, the doors they might open.


“Get us someplace with medical care!” Simon shouted.

“Someplace with advanced technomagical medical care.”  Aerich’s aristocratic snarl sounded panicked.

“Someplace they’re not going to shoot at us.”  Cole’s voice was calm.  But Cole, who had Josie in his arms, also sounded serious.

Alexa was trying not to panic.  She waited until there were hands on her shoulders and she grabbed the door handle.  Medical care.  Medical care.  Not going to shoot us.  Medical care.

She yanked the door open.

Claxons sounded. Continue reading