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Tiny fictional play castle blueprints of a sort – for Patreon

Okay, so I was playing around with a roleplay with Cal and Cynara decided to build herself a castle. Well, a play castle, this is ~8×8 with a tower; it’s a shed-sized castle. But once I’d been thinking about it, I decided I wanted to map it.  Well, chart it. 

Stained glass would be prettier than that, but Excel has its limits. 

And yes, that says “Secret Exit #1,” because Cynara always puts in back doors.  Even when you can jump off the roof into the moat if you have to.

The tower would probably be rounded, now that I think of it. 

Anyway!  Floor plans. And then I fixed the first floor – well, the throne. 

And then I did the back

And then check out this:

and especially this:

Cal made the castle in Minecraft!!!

…Now I need to write some stories of characters in and around this little castle.

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