♪Glee Club♫

Addergoole, after year 9 but before year 13 (2004-2006), early in the school year.

I, uh, might have been watching a lot of Glee recently?


“Why would you ever want something like that?  Not you, Kairos.”  Director Aconmorea’s gesture was dismissive.  “I know that you’re interested in anything musical at all. But you… Rose… why ‘Glee’?”

“I want to be a Broadway star.” Rose, who had been named Rusiko but refused to be known by that, lifted her chin and stared evenly at the Director.  “I need extracurriculars to have a chance at a good arts school and, more than that, I need practice.”

“But there are so many more productive things you could be doing.  You are…” The Director trailed off, then caught herself.  “You are Ellehemaei, fae.  You have an amazing repertoire of possibilities at your disposal, and your Word selection could point you at any number of very useful and lucrative careers.  So why – singing?” She did not bother to hide the distaste in her voice. 

Rose smiled.  “Because singing makes people happy.  And entertaining people can be both productive and lucrative.  I could have a movie career!  I could have a platform for any number of political issues.  But in order to do that, Director, I need a Glee Club.  I cannot get better sufficiently just sitting around my room singing to myself.”

“If – if – you can convince four other students to involve themselves in this club, and if Professor Kairos is willing to mentor and monitor this group, I will allow it – under one very large condition.”  The Director’s hand went up.  “Only if you also create – and participate in equally – a club with a goal which is much more directly productive.  Field medicine, perhaps, or weaving, house-building.  Field Engineering.  Mending and making clothing.  That sort of thing.”

“That is, ah, a broad category, Director.”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something.”  The Director shot a thin, humorless smile at Rose.  “Think of things that might have been useful in eighteen-hundred.  Ask Luca or Professor VanderLinden, if you’re at a loss.  I will add in this as a bonus – if you succeed in getting enough members in your Glee Club, and at least half that number in your other club, to compete at a regional or national level, I will make certain that the paperwork is all in line and fund any fees out of my own pocket.”

Rose hissed in air.  “Eight people.  Eight.  And then four people in this History Days club?  That’s more than a fourth of the school – but – you swear?”

“I will do it.  Besides.”  Now Director Avonmorea’s smile looked amused.  “I did not say that you could not have all of your members of your productive club be from your Glee Club.  That’s only seven other students total.  I’m sure you can find that many who can sing and half that many who can do something useful as well.”

“I knew you’d come around to my way of thinking eventually.  Thank you, Director!”  Rose bounced to her feet, still talking as she left the room. “I’m going to start with the people in my pod, and then…”

Regine raised her eyebrows at Kairos.  “She’s not Kept yet, I see.”

“I believe,” Kairos indulged in a small smile herself, “that she hasn’t stopped talking long enough for anyone to ask her.  Why did you give in?”

“Because the students of this school need productive interests, and it was an easy way to encourage her.  Besides, if she finds herself going against people who have half her motivation, they may be encouraged to start their own clubs.”

“’Productive’.  You mean ‘useful against the upcoming apocalypse.’”

“Or after it, yes.  You shouldn’t be surprised.”  Regine raised her eyebrows at Kairos.  “That’s always been this school’s purpose.”

“Among others, yes.”

“Yes, among other purposes.  I’d go catch her before she invites the entire school.  Unless, of course, you want a banshee in your Glee Club.”

“Well, that’s one way to get rid of the competition.”



“Something useful.”  Rose painted her toenails with aggressive precision.  “Something useful.  What does she think singing is?”

“Entertainment?” Zdenka was being far calmer about her own toenail-painting, but, then again, she was also far less wrapped up in the idea of Glee Club than her friend.  “I mean, unless you can raise a barn with your voice-”

“Well, technically, with the right Words, we could sing a Working and raise a barn, couldn’t we?  But I think that would probably get us disqualified in any competition.”  Rose glared at her pinkie toe.  “So what am I going to do?  And who else can we get involved?  Eight people.  Six, including us.”

“Well, there’s Shang.  He sings whenever he thinks nobody’s looking.  Also, he’s cute.”

“Cute is a benefit – except everyone here is cute.  We’re going to win just based on sheer gorgeousness, you know.”

“I think we’ll still have to sing, probably.  And maybe dance a little.”

“Pshaw.  I can sing and dance in my sleep.  Did you know, Doug teaches dance here?  And he’s great.  You should go practice with him.”

“But I don’t-”

“Gymnastics is close to dance.  And it’s not like we’re going to have a cheer club here.  I mean, who would we cheer for?  The cy’Luca combat team?”

Zdenka perked up.  “You know, you said something about combat singing?  Maybe we could-”

“I didn’t say combat singing, Zennie, come on, listen.  I said building a building by singing.”

“But it’s the same idea. Just singing Workings.  What if we could sing the back-up for the combat guys – and ladies – and help them?”

“I don’t want to be a back-up singer, Zen, come on.”

“But… I mean, it would be useful, right?  Think about it!”

“No.  No we’ll come up with weaving or – sewing!  She said sewing!  That can be costumes!”


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