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Rose was finding the people in Addergoole a little bit strange.

Yes, there were bullies, and yes there were nerds, or at least a few people in a little clique that she thought were probably nerds.

But on the other hand, there weren’t what she could read as popular kids, there were no sports, there wasn’t even a Math Olympiad or a Chess club – people seemed to group by their suites or their boyfriends/girlfriends or just not choose to clique up.

If this was a high school TV show – some sort of Magic High thing – it would never get past the pilot. How do you know who’s supposed to talk to whom?

She decided, in the absence of Jocks or Preppies or Art Kids, she was going to just talk to everyone.

First was the immensely handsome Aleron, who on the first-Friday reveal had shown off wide green wings and a very nice set of pecs and abs.  

“So.”  She began before he had quite acknowledged her presence, “do you sing?”

“I – excuse me?”  Aleron was not a tall man, but he was taller than Rose – most people were.  On the other hand, his apparent girlfriend, Miryam, was even shorter.

Rose looked up at him with her most charming smile, or at least the smile that seemed to work on stage. “Are you a singer?”

“I’ve been known to sing some All-American Rejects in the shower,” he allowed, his wings spreading out wider.  “Why do you ask?”

“Glee Club.  Wednesday night, in the music classroom, right after music classes.  Be there.”  She hesitated, just a moment, and then for Zen added, “Combat music is Thursday nights, same time, in the salle.  And Whole Cloth is Sundays at noon, in room 307.”

“Combat… Whole.. what?”

“Combat music is Zdenka’s club, with Doug as Mentor,” she began, and saw his face shut down.

“Oh.  Doug.  No-thanks.  What’s this Whole Cloth?”

“Making things.  From uh, sheep to sheet?”  She was still working on a nice motto for that.

“I’ll tell people.  Wednesday, Sunday. Got it.”  His hand went up to the choker he wore as a necklace, and then he was gone.  If she didn’t know better, Rose would think he was fleeing.


Rose wasn’t sure about talking to Timora.  She was pretty sure the girl didn’t like to sing; she barely spoke.  On the other hand, she had that shy, back-of-the-classroom nerdy look, and those sorts of girls were great to have doing back-up.

But when she approached Timora with her very -well-thought-out schpiel, the older girl just smiled at her.

“Oh, come on.  I think you could have a little fun on stage.  Get to meet people outside of the normal – whatever this school does.  Dances?  And then there could be competitions.”

“They didn’t tell you, did they?”  Timora looked amused.  “Whoever suggested me.”

“Tell me?  Oh, no, are you a Grammy winner already?  I’m so sorry-”

Timora opened her mouth and sang one perfect note.

Rose was ten feet away before she realized she was even running at all. “Oh.. oh.  Oh, wow.  All right… um.”  She cleared her throat.  “So, let’s see.  We’re also doing a clothing club, from the back of the animal – or the cotton plant or soda bottle   – all the way to a full outfit.  Or costume.  And we’re, well, Zen is doing a combat singing club.  That might be more up your alley.”

And now, Timora’s smile didn’t look sad at all.  “I’ll check them out.  And I’ll come wave enthusiastically for your Glee Club, too.”

“That’s all I can ask.  Every performer needs an audience, after all.”

Rose wasn’t sure that was a win, but she left happy, anyway.

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  2. Good! Kinda crazy, but good.

    Er, what’s with Timora’s one perfect note? Very loud? Magical? ? ?

    The header says “2 Replies”, but I only see one, Karen Tozzi’s. After I post this I guess it’ll say “3 Replies” and I’ll see only 2: hers & mine.

    • And then their could be competitions.
    → there

    • The other reply is the pingback at the top.

      Timora is a banshee. So yeah, magical.

      I’m still working on getting the tags visible.

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