Tootplanet: Explorers’ Logs Planet 7-12-1

We have protective lenses, & I’m not sure that will be enough. The land practically shines with color, although Deno, who is colorblind, says that the patterns within the colors are quite beautiful.

There are the cutest little puffball creatures here, in a sort of neon lavender color, as well as something similar but white-and-green-striped.  The problem is, the smaller of the lavender puffballs are venomous, and the larger ones, it turns out, are poisonous.

On the other hand, the green-and-white-striped ones, maybe the size of a terrier, are quite friendly and so far have not harmed anyone in the least.

This planet may hurt our eyes, but so far it’s been quite entertaining.

Planetary D17

The puffballs – the lavender ones – are a bit of a problem.  We solve most of that by putting in a low fence around everything, since they cannot seem to climb too high.

Sadly, these leaves out the green-and-white ones as well, and the new ones Deno found, blue and yellow and almost a football size and shape.

So now we have a puffball pen where we keep the ones we like. We’ve discovered that the little blue/yellow ones are quite nice for fur, and Deno is already planning a breeding program.

In the meantime, Felin is working on some food products with the translucent but still vivid succulent-like plants we found, the ones with fronds almost like fennel.  They taste like tofu.  Processed, they taste… more like tofu.

Lucky for us we brought food with us.

Planetary Date 132

We’ve been breeding Puffballs.

The Dawn (blue/yellow) Puffs have a gestation period of 1/15 of the local year, litters of 5-7 pea-sized pufflings, and, like all puffs, appear to have either three or four genders. I challenge you to sex something that looks like a pom-pom with sharp teeth on one end, a prehensile tail on the other, and claws in between.

They aren’t as domesticated as the Vernal Puffs (Green/white) and not half as friendly, but they do make really nice mittens.

The Vernals, on the other hand, have turned out to be scent hounds, and THEY have found us something that, blessing of blessings, does not taste like tofu.

Now if only they could find us sugar. Or coffee.

Planetary Date 232

The problem with breeding puffballs is, as it turns out, they have a high rate of mutation.

Our mitten-puffs, the Dawn line, produced a green-&-cyan thing that seemed to be two puffs together and ate everything in sight – thank heavens we have no children here yet!  It would not eat other mitten-pufffs if there was anything else available, but that seemed to be its only qualm.

On the other hand, the Vernal puffs produced a whole litter of mouthless red abominations that appear to SNORT their food in through giant nostrils.

On the plus side, we’ve found a sugar plant. And it turns out the abominations taste great with a sugar glaze.



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