Tootplanet: Captain’s Log

Star Log, Sec. 7, Sub. 14

We came out of superspace almost in front of this planet, and from the looks of it, we were not the only ones who had.  Circling the planet, we counted at least ten landing stations, flying all sorts of colors, in all sorts of styles.  None looked like Home, but several looked like we could probably fit in with minimal effort.

We made a note to visit on the way back. Sailors always enjoy a bit of shore leave, after all.

Star Log, Sec. 7, Sub. 14

We explored more of this sub-section than we’d originally intended, but it was surprising to find so many uninhabited planets so close to what we’re calling the Spaceport planet.  Or maybe not: nobody wants the campsite next to the bathroom, after all.

Three long days’ plainspace travel from Spaceport, we found a small but entirely habitable planet. And by small I mean tiny: This thing is almost approaching Little Prince status.

Nevertheless, we sent down a small team.  If they have not explored the entire planet by the time we return, I will be surprised and disappointed.


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