A Test: The Poll in WordPress

It’s time for the monthly Patreon Theme Poll, and, well, my Dreamwidth subscription lapsed.

So here is a poll in WordPress, just to see if it works out.

What are you voting for?  The theme for my Patreon for the month.

This will dictate the story posts as well as informational posts, reposts, and sometimes the trunk story and map.  (Maybe even the recipe!)

Who can vote?  Anyone!

For information on the settings, see landing pages: Tír na Cali, ReiassanThings Unspoken.  Edally Academy does not have a landing page yet, but it is a sub-set of Reiassan in the steam-goat era and has a serial webpage here: http://www.edallyacademy.com/.

[yop_poll id=”2″]


6 thoughts on “A Test: The Poll in WordPress

  1. Lyn,
    As feedback on the nuts and bolts of the poll itself, in Edge I found the that the words in the voting boxes were the same colour as the box background. Is there a way that next time they could be different?


    • I just tried it in Edge and it looks fine… Black text, white bg.

      The “vote” button could use some help, though, it’s white text on a very very light grey background.

      • I voted anonymously. The ‘vote’ button in Firefox is also white-on-light-grey, as are the followup ‘vote as a WordPress user’ and ‘vote anonymously’ buttons.

  2. In firefox (an older version) I’m getting an error “ReferenceError: swfobject is not defined” and I don’t think it counted my anonymous vote. Not the first time I’ve had issues with wordpress, though — I don’t think it likes my settings.

  3. I don’t *think* I’ve voted in this poll yet.
    I had to guess that the unlabeled square at the bottom was to submit the vote.

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