March Patreon in Review

March’s Patreon theme was Edally Academy, and we even visited, at least virtually. 

Things marked with an * are free for everyone to read. 

The new stories in theme:
Prideworthy *
Back Door

Edally Academy Houses:
Edally Academy Houses I – colors and sigils *
Edally Academy Houses II *
Edally Academy Houses III *

Conlang Playing:
Who are you In Edally Academy? *
Baarbaarbaar *
A New Word From a Name *
A Digression to figure out a word in Calenyen *
Another word for Edally / Reiassan *
Some More New Words From a Name *
A Conlang Word for the Day *

For In-Depth Tiers
A Blog Post on Gardening (Trunk Story) 
Edally Academy Map and Diagram 

Theme reposts:
Edally Academy Uniforms *
Learning the Sira *
Sword *
A Review of “On the Nature of the Sira & Its Flow” *

Celebrate Your Name Month reposts:
The Sun Comes Up *

And other Things
Oli in the Snow *
Spring is coming *

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