World Building June Day 1: About

It’s World-Building June!  So I’m building Worlds!  Aerax/Expectant Woods over on Patreon, and Bear Empire and a new thing here!

Bear Empire
(The setting for Carrone and Deline, Chased in the Bear Empire)

1. Tell us about your world, what’s it about?

The Bear Empire is an arctic nation spanning the northernmost part of a landmass and bordering at least one other nation (Dekleg).

The weather there tends towards the frigid in winter and the temperate in the summer.

How the Empire is considered depends on who you ask.  Many of its laws are considered more liberal and forgiving than its neighbor-nations, but said neighbor nations often consider the Bear to be a nuisance at best, an interfering enemy at the worst, and the Empire doesn’t have all that many friends in its corner of the world.

As for the broader world: Magic exists, in at least two forms (called in the story Magery and Sorcery; Magery requires verbal, somatic and material components; Sorcery requires a blood or soul expenditure).  The technology is still pre-Industrial, at least in the Bear Empire.

This setting was created for a long adventure hiding out in the mountains, so obviously the Bear Empire has a lot of sprawling fields and high mountains and inclement weather.

As for the people, well.  They generally think that they like living in the Empire, because while the borders aren’t “open,” they are pretty darn porous.  If they didn’t like living in the Empire, they’d probably be in Dekleg or someplace further North.

The Union of Space
(an entirely new setting (probably))

1. Tell us about your world, what’s it about?

Ezra Iv is an M-class* planet orbiting a yellow dwarf, one of two human-habitable planets within its orbit.

Both are colonized under a university research project; the project has an initial date spread of 100 years, and the planets were all colonized approximately 80 years ago.

Ezra IV (called Scribe by its inhabitants) is, like all of the planets in this project self-governed and mainly self-reliant, although within a “leg up” of technology, housing, and food from the university – the same “leg up” each colony received.

Each colony was also given a very short list of rules to run under as part of the colonization agreement.

In a broader sense: the United Space of 2407 is a different place than the world of today.  While population pressure on earth continues to be an issue, the pressure pushing people to other planets is more an urge of exploration, a desire to find new places and, perhaps more importantly, new things, new problems, new solutions.

A great deal of this has been funded by independent grants and businesses, people who have made it big and now are seeking to help everyone else also make it big.

* I stole the Star Trek terminology at least for the moment

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    • That is a good question! That is covered a bit in “history”, a bit more in “religion” and I think I cover some of it in “who lives there” too.

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