World Building June Day 2: Geography

It’s World-Building June!  So I’m building Worlds!  Aerax/Expectant Woods over on Patreon, and Bear Empire and a new thing here!

Bear Empire
(The setting for Carrone and Deline, Chased in the Bear Empire)

2. What’s the Geography of your world?

The Bear Empire is mountainous, with sprawling fields.  It’s the top part of the continent – or if not, everything above it is un-livable, and it probably claims right up to the pole as a matter of course.

The mountains form a border on one side for at least one other nation.  Near the south, the borders are often more drawn on paper than in the landscape, but at least one of them is a wide river prone to seasonal flooding.

The nation is shaped, in my mind, sort of wide, low, and spreading.  So you have mountains to the left, and then plains past them. A smaller gathering of mountains to the right of center, and then to the further right, you have a border that may curve into the ocean line.

Farmland is well-used; there are still parts of the nation that are unsettled, including some meadow land and some deep forests, along with large portions of the mountains.  Their cities are far-flung but well-connected with some sort of road system.

To the direct south is Dekleg, a nation that does not like them very much.  Past Dekleg and to the west is Halor. I don’t know where Carrup is, yet – either to the west of the mountains or to the east and south of Dekleg.

That’s one small part of one continent – or at least one part of one continent. Only the Great Bear knows what lies beyond that.

The Union of Space
(an entirely new setting (probably))

2. What’s the Geography of your world?

Ezra-V is just over 3/4 the size of earth, with about 65% of the surface being water.  The land masses are primarily three nearly-connected continents in the northern hemisphere, another three in the southern , and a long dangling train of islands of various sizes between them.  

The university colony is located in the northern Hemisphere, to the west of a deep harbor in a protected cove in the central of the three major northern continents.  From there, two smaller colonies have sprouted off to the west, one up in the hills and the other further down on the coastline.

In the South, far in the middle of the grouping of continents, there is another colony, but they are not University-based, are not connected with the other colony, and, indeed, the other colony has no knowledge of them and they work to keep it that way.  They are on a freshwater inland sea and take pains to show no signs of settlement near the ocean coast, just in case.

4 thoughts on “World Building June Day 2: Geography

  1. Interesting.

    Given your other settings, especially Aereaxeara (did I spell that right?), “It’s the top part of the continent” confused me briefly…especially as I once corrected a mistaken description of an early explorer’s map. The caption writer had assumed that the top of the map was north, despite the geographicy of the area. The explorers were sailing along the eastern coast of North America. For them, _up_ corresponded both to the direction they were looking* and to
    upstream, which = inland, which at that point was WEST.

    *as it does to maps mounted on lampposts in central Philadelphia, to aid tourists

    • … *laughs* Oops. (I think you spelled Aereaxera right…) Yeah, I think of top as north. Sorry about that!

    • You know how a lot of maps use a super short-hand compass marking of just pointing to North? Around here, a lot of the time they do that but for West, because West is The Mountains and every other direction is Flat so it makes it a really convenient major landmark.

      • Oh, that’s neat.

        I got so used to thinking of North as Water (Lake Ontario) that when went to Connecticut I was totally thrown by South being Water (Ocean)

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